Saturday, April 23, 2011

A second trip to Meijer, Rite Aid, and Walgreens

I did super well today at Meijer. There were to many good deals that popped up to miss going back. I also went to Walgreens for a couple of deals and to Rite aid as well.

At Meijer I got 2 ice cream cakes. They were buy one for $8.99 get one free and then All You magazine had a $3 off coupon for Celebration cakes so I paid $5.99 for both and M perks gave me a $2/off $2 coupon so I got that off as well. So $3.99 for the two ice cream cakes. YUM I also found more coupons for the Wheat Thins sticks on smart source for $1 off so I got them for 67 cents each. I also had a coupon that printed from buying 3 Crystal Light to Go items at the beginning of the week so I got one more box of regular wheat thins for free. Wish I had known about that deal and would have split up my purchases earlier in the week and gotten two of those. Oh well at least I got one. I also was able to print two more 50 cent off one stove top coupon and get 2 more for just 25 cents each. I found a deal for Green Works dish detergent. If you bought two they gave you $2 off. The price was $2.15 each before that. I was able to print two $1 off coupons so I paid 15 cents each. I printed 4 of the $2 off Heinz coupons from two computers when they were available on FB this week and got 4 36oz bottles of ketchup for free. To bad that Meijer will not give me the overage since they were on sale for just $1.59 oh well it's free Ketchup. I also found some Pectin for freezer jam marked down to 77 cents so I picked up a couple of packages. I want to try making some Strawberry freezer jam this year. I also took back the $1 coupon I found in the Smart Source coupons for the Oxyclean I got last week and got that back as well. I do like that they will give me the money when I take my coupons I forget back in. :)

At Walgreens I used a $1.50 coupon I printed online and a $1 store coupon to get 6 rolls of Scott Green paper towels. Never used them but I hope they will be good for some stuff at least. That is just 50 cents a roll. I also got 3 free rolls of Scotch tape. It was buy one get two free and used two $1 off coupons from Scotch's website making all 3 free.

At Rite Aid I got a bottle of Nivea Body wash free using a $3 coupon from Red plum and a $1 Up reward from last week. I also got 4 packs of 5 gum using 2 printable $1 off 2 coupons so I paid $2 for all for which is a pretty good deal even though occasionally I can get them for a little less.

Monday I will be back out getting my Easter stuff for next year. Scotty's basket has a lot of great stuff I got doing just that last year. I hate paying full price. Can you tell? :)

Happy Saving

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow Freebies in the mail and shopping

I went to the mailbox today to find some awesome full size products instead of sample size like usual. Viewpoints not only has been offering me free Amazon gift cards for writing reviews they are now sending me these awesome products to sample. Might be worth getting signed up with them to see if you can get some too. :) I got a free bottle of contact solution for my husband. That stuff is not cheap so what a deal. :) I also got a 10 pack of the new Tide Stain remover packets to try out. I think i got another one sample of those through the Tide Facebook page as well we will have to see what comes in the mail. :) I also got a sample of a new product that is supposed to help with teeth grinding. My husband uses that kind of stuff a swell so he will get to try it out. Going to my mailbox is like Christmas morning. :)

I had a couple of coupons that were expiring today but with the rain I did not make it out to run my errands as planned first thing this morning so I ended up making a quick trip to Kroger to use them after dinner. I got 3 boxes of cereal, a box of granola bars, and 5 packets of tuna. I spent $11.09 out of pocket and have a $5 gift card and a $1.50 OYNO to use at my next trip. So about less than $5 total for all that. Cereal is not cheap so when I can get it for that price I am all over it. We don't eat a ton of it but my husband likes it as a snack and my little boy will eat some on occasion.

I started this blog last week but never got back to finish it. :) Over the weekend I ran a few more errands. I ran to Walmart to check on some games that could be paired with coupons for great deals to have on hand for gifts and such. I did not have any luck finding the Operation game everyone was talking about both our stores were sold out or never had them. I did however pick up two travel Connect 4 games for just over $5 with tax. Since they started out at $5.24 each that's a great deal. :)

On Saturday I made one more quick trip to Kroger for a few more deals that popped up. I got 8 cans of Libby peas, a can of fruit cocktail, and a package of floss and spent just $1.40 out of pocket.

I also went to Rite Aid where the cranky coupon man is growing on me. He was laughing when after my second transaction and wanted to know if I wanted to spend my $1 UP reward for something else. He told me I could just roll them all day. LOL I got 2 bottles of Gillette Body wash, a bottle of contact solution, a bottle of eye drops, and a box of Kashi cereal. I spent 8.35 OOP and will get back $7.99 in a rebate as well as I have a $1 UP reward to spend this week or next depending on when I make it in.

This week I went to Meijer to stock up on some stuff. I got 6 packs of Crystal Light Drink mixes with coupons and a sale for $8 or about $1.33 each, 10 cans of Del Monte Fruit on sale for 97 cents each but if you bought 10 you got a $2 instant rebate so they were just 77 cents each. I also picked up two packages of Wheat Thins Sticks with some $1 off coupons from Facebook for just 67 cents each. I believe that is what triggered the coupon I got for a free box of wheat thins. :) I got 3 boxes of Stove Top Stuffing for 25 cents a box, 2 packets of Tuna for 17 cents each, 2 cups of greek yogurt for 49 cents each, 4 dozen eggs for 72 cents each, a box of brown minute rice for $1.30, and two packs of goldfish grams for 97 cents each. Total of $28.98. :)

Then made a quick trip to Aldi to pick up a loaf of bread and some fruit and veggies. I also picked up a bag of chips for our family get together this weekend. A pineapple, 3.1 lbs bananas, Celery, baby carrots, and 2lbs of grapes all for $10.55. I love Aldi and their produce deals as well as great basic prices for when I don't have a good sale price for something like the chips and bread. My goal is to perfect my bread baking but no luck making a good sandwich bread yet. Working on a new one at the moment. I will keep you posted as well as a blog post on making other things from scratch to save money as well. It's been a lot of fun and yummy so far.

Happy Saving

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not a lot of shopping going on

The good thing about having a stock pile is that  when there are not a lot of deals you don't have to go out and spend extra money just because of it. Since my last post I have done two mystery shops where I got stuff that was either on sale or stuff I use all the time and I didn't use any coupons on either one! I spent two extra dollars on one of them but the rest of the stuff was all within what they pay for and my extra pay from doing the shop. I got some whole wheat flour to start my bread baking with. I got yummy deli chicken salad that I used for dinner one night when I was having a really bad day and ham that I have been eating for breakfast because it sounds good and I need the protein. I also made a quick trip to Kroger on Saturday because my sister gave me a coupon for free ice cream and a dozen eggs. My husband really wanted to go to Dairy Queen but I hate going without a coupon and the private Selection ice cream is pretty much as good as a blizzard it just last longer and you can't beat free. I went ahead and got the eggs so I would not forget to use the coupon since it expired this week and with Easter coming up I am sure they will be used. If not I will try my hand at freezing them with my new freezer. :) There are so many things I didn't even know you could freeze. While I was at Kroger I found some Activia yogurt marked down and a friend gave me some $1 off coupons for it recently so it was only going to be 9 cents each. Well the new policy of ecoupons not working with paper coupons got me. I had left a coupon on there for Dannon yogurt planning to use it for some of Scotty's yogurt and even though they never work on markdowns this one did. :( So I ended up having to pay the extra 50 cents not to mention arguing to be able to use the other coupon because for some reason it makes them all beep. :( What a bad policy they currently have. Oh well I spent 68 cents so I really can't complain I just was having a bad week and left pretty upset with Kroger. No more ecoupons for me unless they are for free or store brand stuff!

This week since there are not a lot of sales I decided to use my extra money to go ahead and pick up a ham for Easter since my extended family is coming for a meal. I love that Aldi offers spiral hams with a glaze to add for just $1.49 a pound. They are yummy just like Honey Baked Ham without the price or the wait in line. LOVE IT! I also picked up a few other things that I knew I would need soon enough like regular flour, salsa, popcorn, and Ketchup. Grapes were still 79 cents a pound so we got some more of them and bananas as always.My plan is to make some homemade bread this week but I bought a loaf just in case I don't get it done. I am currently waiting for my parents to come down because I could not get my freezer completely up and running. The bolted boards to the bottom so it has to be laid down and they have to be taken off. So I can't start really filling it yet. Our Aldi is getting super busy. The cost of groceries have remained pretty steady there while they are going up everywhere else along with the price of gas. The manager even told me they are going to have to get more help because of it. I love Aldi when it comes to prices you can't beat without coupons and sales. If the show extreme couponing show messes that up for all of us I will be shopping at Aldi even more. I have a friend who got her family of 3 through a really tough time using Aldi to stretch her $20 a week to feed them all. Not sure it would go as far today but I bet you could get close without the meat which her family didn't eat anyway.

Happy Saving!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lots of frustration with deals lately

So sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been shopping but have not had a lot of time to get it all typed up. The Kroger deals have not been as good since we are in between mega sales. So I have not been buying as much there. Meijer didn't have anything a couple of weeks ago so I didn't bother going but I have hit them the last two Sunday's to pick up some great deals. Last week they had Maxwell house coffee for $1.99 a can if you bought 7 items so I got two of those with a coupon for $1/2 making them $1.49 and 5 Crystal Light drink mixes for $1 each. :) Cheap drinks for my husband. I know I got  few other deals but nothing to exciting. This week they had their buy 10 $1 deals and get one free deal. I got 2 bags of salad, a bag of cole slaw, 3 bags of organic baby carrots, 4 cans of juice with 2 BOGO free coupons making them just $2 for all four, and a can of spaghettios for my free item. At Aldi I have been mostly buying fruits and veggies that were on sale or a good price. Not a lot else we need right now.

Walgreen's has continued to be frustrating. I took back the item that didn't print my register reward and the manager did not want to let me return it and was pretty rude. He finally returned it though. Then I went back this week but after the problems with the rewards printing I didn't even want to do any of those. I used some coupons to get Color Wonder On the Go packs for 50 cents each. I found some trash bags marked down and there was a coupon that should have worked on them but since they were marked down they would not allow me to use the coupon. I was only getting them because it made a good deal with the coupon. Without the coupon it wasn't a good deal. I would return them but that might be more trouble than it is worth. I think I just won't me shopping there very much in the future even though I am always tempted.

I finally got my freezer today after multiple phone calls to the company who could not figure out if they shipped it or not. I got a call from the delivery service saying they were ready to deliver it. I was happy to hear that since nobody returned my call yesterday to tell me what they found out. They did finally call back right before the freezer was delivered. A little late then. It was a nice deal but knowing if you shipped something makes for better customer service. What is wrong with people. I am however excited to start using it and making more of my own food from scratch and having the space to store it.

Happy Saving