Monday, April 11, 2011

Not a lot of shopping going on

The good thing about having a stock pile is that  when there are not a lot of deals you don't have to go out and spend extra money just because of it. Since my last post I have done two mystery shops where I got stuff that was either on sale or stuff I use all the time and I didn't use any coupons on either one! I spent two extra dollars on one of them but the rest of the stuff was all within what they pay for and my extra pay from doing the shop. I got some whole wheat flour to start my bread baking with. I got yummy deli chicken salad that I used for dinner one night when I was having a really bad day and ham that I have been eating for breakfast because it sounds good and I need the protein. I also made a quick trip to Kroger on Saturday because my sister gave me a coupon for free ice cream and a dozen eggs. My husband really wanted to go to Dairy Queen but I hate going without a coupon and the private Selection ice cream is pretty much as good as a blizzard it just last longer and you can't beat free. I went ahead and got the eggs so I would not forget to use the coupon since it expired this week and with Easter coming up I am sure they will be used. If not I will try my hand at freezing them with my new freezer. :) There are so many things I didn't even know you could freeze. While I was at Kroger I found some Activia yogurt marked down and a friend gave me some $1 off coupons for it recently so it was only going to be 9 cents each. Well the new policy of ecoupons not working with paper coupons got me. I had left a coupon on there for Dannon yogurt planning to use it for some of Scotty's yogurt and even though they never work on markdowns this one did. :( So I ended up having to pay the extra 50 cents not to mention arguing to be able to use the other coupon because for some reason it makes them all beep. :( What a bad policy they currently have. Oh well I spent 68 cents so I really can't complain I just was having a bad week and left pretty upset with Kroger. No more ecoupons for me unless they are for free or store brand stuff!

This week since there are not a lot of sales I decided to use my extra money to go ahead and pick up a ham for Easter since my extended family is coming for a meal. I love that Aldi offers spiral hams with a glaze to add for just $1.49 a pound. They are yummy just like Honey Baked Ham without the price or the wait in line. LOVE IT! I also picked up a few other things that I knew I would need soon enough like regular flour, salsa, popcorn, and Ketchup. Grapes were still 79 cents a pound so we got some more of them and bananas as always.My plan is to make some homemade bread this week but I bought a loaf just in case I don't get it done. I am currently waiting for my parents to come down because I could not get my freezer completely up and running. The bolted boards to the bottom so it has to be laid down and they have to be taken off. So I can't start really filling it yet. Our Aldi is getting super busy. The cost of groceries have remained pretty steady there while they are going up everywhere else along with the price of gas. The manager even told me they are going to have to get more help because of it. I love Aldi when it comes to prices you can't beat without coupons and sales. If the show extreme couponing show messes that up for all of us I will be shopping at Aldi even more. I have a friend who got her family of 3 through a really tough time using Aldi to stretch her $20 a week to feed them all. Not sure it would go as far today but I bet you could get close without the meat which her family didn't eat anyway.

Happy Saving!

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