Thursday, July 14, 2011

I am going to get this going again.

So sorry to have not been back for updates recently. I do the work but don't get it put on here. I have been doing pretty well with my savings and am averaging above 50% savings. :) Here are my trips for this week. 

Meijer 7-14-11

This week was a Meijer Brand sale work so I did not use any coupons short of an Mperk coupon that they offered me for $5 off a $5 purchase. Perfect timing on this one. I did mean to use one on the coupon but it would have only been 10 cents so I didn’t hunt it down.

Not pictured Tilapia frozen filets on sale for $3.99 saved $2.
Butter on sale for $2.50 saved .79 off Meijer price but only 19 cents less than Aldi price
Cabbage on sale for 39 cents a pount .82 cents
Peaches on sale for 69 cents a pound $1.97 total
Plums on sale for 69 cents a pound .77 total
1 cucumber on sale for 34 cents
2 pints blueberries on sale for $1.50 each
2 containers raspberries on sale for $1.50 each
20 packets of Koolaid on sale 10/$1 and got a coupon for a free 5lb bag of sugar to use next time

Spent $13.39 after the $5 off saved $24.48 or 65%

Gymboree 7-14-11

Used 2 sets of Gymbucks worth $50 off $100 Makes the prices on the items less than I can buy clothes at even Walmart’s regular prices and it really helps when trying to resell them. I think we are pretty much set for next summer now at least on shorts probably will need a few more tops and a swim suit or two.

2 pairs of jeans on sale BOGO 50% off $13.09 each after all deals including Gymbucks
3 pairs of Gym shorts on clearance for $3.99 $2.11 each after deals
Dino shirt $10.94 after Gymbucks
Green shorts on clearance for $4.99 $2.64 after deals
T-shirt on clearance for $4.99 $2.64 after deals
Blue shorts on clearance for $15.99 $8.48 after deals

Spent $59.71 total Original price was $195.55 saved 70%


Target 7-14-11

Used lots of store coupons I got from

2 packs of Sharpie 2 packs on sale for $1 and used $1 off Target coupons FREE
2 packs of Pens $1.02 regular price used $1/1 Target coupon 2 cents each
Peroxide $1.02 used a .75 off UP First Aid item coupon 27 cents
Witch Hazel $1.47 used a .75 off UP First Aid item coupon  72 cents
2 Scotch tape (was in a bin marked 50 cents but rang up $1) used 2 .50/1 coupons 50 cents each
2 Hot Wheels cars used $1/1 coupon from Target website they were .99 each as of today’s markdown so I made 1 cent each.
Ultra catch game on clearance 50% off $2.49
Plastic rake on clearance for 50% off .99 cents

Spent $5.94 and saved $13.04 or 69%

Coldwater Creek

Jeans Regular price $79.95 on clearance for $39.99 with an extra 40% off $23.99 and used a $20 off coupon I get for using my Coldwater creek credit card. Paid $4.23 with tax saved 95%

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