Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cooking beans from scratch

Every time I use a can of beans I realize how much the price has gone up. Beans are a great source of healthy fat free protein. Canned beans are not only expensive but come with a lot of stuff in them I would rather do without like salt. So I decided to try cooking my own from dried beans. I dumped a couple of bags into the crockpot and added water. I turned it onto high and 4 hours later I had beans ready to go. If I had realized it was that easy I would have done it much sooner. :) I cooked 3lbs of dried beans and bagged up 11 cans worth. I spent $3.34 on the beans because I bought one little bag for $1.25 and one big bag for $2.09 and threw them both in together. Meijer recently had a can of black beans on sale for 69 cents. Eleven cans would have cost me $7.59 so for about 10 minutes worth of work they are ready to go in the freezer.  Oh and the pot didn't even have to be soaked I used a nice green scrubber and it was off in seconds. I am currently making some great northern beans and plan to try my hand at making my own chili beans as soon as I pick up some beans since I must have used the last bag of pinto beans making refried beans. Give it a try you won't regret it.

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