Friday, September 27, 2013

Had a great morning of shopping today and got some amazing deals. This was Meijer. They had the Quilted Norther 50% off making it $2.34 for a 6 pack and I used 2 $1/2 coupons to make it only $1.84 per 6 pack or 31 cents a double roll. The tummy ticklers were on sale for $3.99 making them just $1.33 each this the first time I saw a sale that good on these. Strawberries were $1. Organic Grapes were $1.99 a pound. The silk was on sale for $3 and I used $1 manf coupon. The little eyeball rings were just to cute and I used a 20% off Mperk coupon to save 60 cents making them $2.40. I also had a 24 pack of coke that didn't make this picture on sale for $5.50. I used a $4 catalina from last weeks trip. I spent $23.99 and saved $26.42

I made the mistake of telling Scotty I was applying for the House party with this cute little monkey. I did not happen to be paying attention to email when my invite came in and missed out. I found a $10 off $20 toy purchase in my Mperks. So I went to see how much they had it for. It was marked down to $20 from $25 so perfect deal. Paid $10.60 and saved $14.99. I will have a happy little boy come Christmas.

I am very disappointed that Kroger has stopped doubling coupons. Makes me dislike the extreme couponing show even more because it helped to take away something that saved me money. Today I lost out on almost $2. The Kleenex were on sale for $1.79 and the Huggies wipes were on sale for $1.99. I had an ecoupon that would take off $5 for 5 items that worked for up to 25 items. So the Kleenex were 79 cents each and I used two 55/3 coupons and one 50/3 coupon making them $6.51 total and I got back a $2 Catalina so $4.51 or 50 cents a box of 160 tissues. The huggies wipes were 99 cents after ecoupon deal and I used a 50/1 coupon so they were 49 cents. Cheerios were free with a coupon I got in the mail. Popcorn was free with an ecoupon. Miracle whip you can almost see was also free with a coupon I got in the mail. The Lunchmeat was also free with an ecoupon. The eggs were also free with a coupon I got in the mail and the butter was on sale for $1.99 a pound. I spent $10.47 and saved $31.61 or 76 percent.

This was my first transaction at Target. Power Ranger costume $20 used cartwheel app to take 50% off making it $10. Captain America shield $10 used Cartwheel app to take 50% off making it $5. Three book covers marked down to 60 cents each (70% off). Two Fruit Bursts on sale for $2.50 used 2 manf $1 off coupons and 2 Target $1 off coupons making them 50 cents each. Two 20 count boxes of Advil $3.99 each used 2 $1 off Manf coupons and Cartwheel took of 80 cents got back a $5 gift card making them 9 cents a box Spent $23.17 with an extra 5% off for using my red card.

Second Target Transaction Two backpacks marked down to $5.98 to donate for Foster Kids (70% off). Prunes $2.19 regular price used $1.50 off coupon I printed on double coupon value weekend 69 cents total. Two boxes of Children's Advil $4.99 each used two $1.50 off coupons printed from Facebook and $1 off from the Cartwheel app got back a $5 gift card for buying 2 making them just 49 cents a box. total $18.87 used the $5 GC from the first transaction and paid $13.87 OOP.

Third Target Transaction after realizing that the Cartwheel app was still working (I wasn't sure what the limit reached on the coupon meant. Turns out it meant nobody else could add it but I already had so it was still good.) I went back and got a Ninja Turtle costume regular price $30 got 50% off with the Cartwheel app so just $15. The two pair of shorts were marked $4.48 which was 70% off. Total was $24.39 and I used the $5 GC from the second transaction and paid $19.39 OOP. Now I can put together a new dress up box for Scotty for Christmas with this stuff and the stuff I got at Dollar tree.

I also stopped at Aldi because we are out of bread and garlic. Bread is only $1.69 a loaf and has no HFCS. Garlic was $1.99 for the jar. The pinto beans are down to $1.79 which I was happy about for 2lbs. I was super excited about the blueberry applesauce it isn't organic but it does not have any HFCS and is all natural stuff for just $1.69 for 6 cups. Scotty loved it.

It's been so long since I blogged but I was super excited about my deals today and had to share. Hopefully back soon with my adventures in Canning. So far so good and so much fun to do.

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