Monday, June 7, 2010

My trips to Meijer and Target

We headed out to Target to pick up some oatmeal and waffles that I had coupons for and there was a sale on the oatmeal. So we got 4 boxes of Quaker oatmeal packets for $5.62 which is cheaper than even Aldi's price. I wish I had printed a couple more coupons when they were available but there wasn't much I could do since they were gone when I went looking for them. I also got two boxes of Eggo Whole Wheat Waffles for $1.50 total. Target has them on markdown for $1.75 and are offering $1 off coupons on their website and you can print two. While we were there I saw some huge boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios on clearance and had printed a couple of 55 cent off coupons from It was the cheapest I could find but still not a super deal but when I got to the checkout they ran up for $2.48 which was an amazing deal for a 1lb 11.9ozs of cheerios after coupons less than $2 each. :)

Meijer is having their 10 for $10 sale buy 10 get one free. I used 50/2 coupons to get 4 boxes of Green Giant veggies for 50 cents each. This is cheaper than I can buy the veggies for and cook them myself for and Scotty loves them as do Brad and I. :) I also got two bags of Green Giant Steamers for free. I bought these on a seperate order knowing that in the past the computers at Meijer think that those coupons are the same ones as the box ones and they don't all double. I got two free boxes of Warm Delights and and two more for .25 cents each. These are so yummy and keeps me from eating to much if I make a whole batch of cookies or brownies. :) My favorite salad was on sale for $1 a bag and so were red, yellow, and orange peppers so I got a couple to use while cooking. I always check the end caps and areas of the store where they put the clearance items. I found the Beechnut yogurt nibblers on clearance for $1.61 last week I got an email with a coupon for $1/1 so I got those for 61 cents. We have never tried them so we will see if Scott likes them. I also got two bags of animal crackers for Scott to try at $1 each. I also picked up some more Danimals Drinkable yogurt because they are a favorite around here. They were on sale for $1.79 for the 6 pack. I also got 3 ears of corn and two boxes of Betty Crocker Scalloped potatoes for 50 cents each. Spent a grand total of 12.44 and saved 22.06. :)

Love saving money.

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