Monday, June 7, 2010

Aldi shopping

I don't usually hit so many stores in one day. This week is extra busy so I had to cram a lot of them into today. Aldi is kind of a different store. You have to put a quarter in to get a cart so that everyone puts theirs back when they are done and don't leave them in the parking lot. It cuts down on costs. You also need to bring your own bags or pay for some there at 5 or 10 cents each depending on what kind you want. I just take my reusable shopping bags from Meijer and Kroger as well as my bag I use to keep things cold during the summer. For some reason Scott loves this store something about the way things are up on the walls and the lights hang. He is a funny kid. I buy a lot of my fruits and veggies there recently. They have great prices on in season stuff and each week have a few things on Special. This week I got 2lbs for Strawberries for $2.38, 2 big tomatoes for 99cents, an avacado for 69 cents, bananas are almost always 39 cents a pound, and a bag of baby carrots that are regularly 99 cents. I also got 4 cans of refried beans at 69 cents a can (Brad loves bean and cheese burritos) and 3 cans of fruit cocktail in juice which is the little man's favorite for 85 cents a can. A good sale will get me this for 99 cents a can at other stores so I like this price everyday. I also picked up two cans of Tuna at 49 cents a can but I think it is going up to 59 cents per the can or it's coming down not sure which I haven't bought any in a while. Oh and a can of mandarin oranges for 49 cents. I actually think these are cheaper at Sam's club but I haven't made it over there in a while and I wanted them for a salad and Scotty loves them. Total spent $13.53.

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