Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some online deals and regular shopping as well

Well a couple of weeks ago I used the rest of my Eversave credit to buy a coupon for a Snap totes purse. These have pictures on the side of them. The one I chose is regular price is $80 and I would never spend that for a purse. I paid $8 out of pocket for the coupon which gave me $80 in credit for the site. A friend who was familiar with the company recommended I pay the extra to get the picture on both sides so that was $15. Shipping was about $10 so I spent another $25 out of pocket. It will be part of my Christmas present from my little guy. (Don't you love how I buy my own presents? It's the only way I know I will like what I get. LOL)

I also was able to combine my free shipping with all my freebies I had stacked up on Shutterfly. I have never been able to get that great of a deal before. I got 2 8 x 8 hard cover photo books, a 7 x 9 soft cover photo book, 50 Thank you cards for Scott to use, 10 more invites to Scott's birthday party, and 60 photo prints. I got 2 extra pages in each of the 8 x 8 books so that cost me $3 so that was my total! How great is that. One of the books is for my mom and the 7 x 9 is a special book full of grandparent pictures. :)

I went to Aldi on Monday and picked up some apples, bananas, and tangerines all for great prices so I stocked up for the next few weeks. I also stocked up on brown sugar, syrup, and some canola oil. I may have picked up another item or two but I have trouble remembering a lot of stuff lately. No idea why. Nothing at all going on. Need to start taking pics when I come home so I know what I got. While I was down there I ran into Walmart to check and see if any of the deals I had seen posted online were good at my store. I did not have any luck with that and could not even find the hook I was looking for to hang up the bird feeder my MIL got for us. I did however find a box of the allergy meds I needed to buy this week for only $2 and even better I had a $2 off coupon for them. To bad that was the only box they had left. I also picked up 4 pouches of Salmon for only $1 each and a container of extreme pringles with a free coupon.

Today I had a shop to do and picked up some deals while I was there and only spent $2 more dollars than I made and got a $3 catalina for next time. I got four cans of Grands cinnamon rolls, 2 cans of crescent rolls, some chicken salad from the deli (a deli purchase is required for these shops), a 12 pack of coke (an under cart item is required). I also got two packs of instant mashed potatoes for 40 cents, a protein bar with a free coupon, and a box of Barilla Plus pasta also with a free coupon and a 20 cent overage. So I did great at saving 60% even with two things I would not have bought if someone else had not been paying for them.

I also stopped at Rite Aid on Monday and got 3 packs of diapers for about $15 which makes them $5 a pack which is a great deal. I hope to go back at the end of the week with my $9 in bucks along with $7.50 in manf coupons and $5 in store coupons to get 3 more for about $6. Then I will still have $9 to get another package of diapers. Love it! So glad I figured out a way to stop paying full price for diapers and that Huggies work for Scott since they are great about coupons.

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