Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thomas the Train and Kroger this week

So I read about this Thomas the Train deal at Target and was so excited. Target had a coupon good for 50% off their Beginner Thomas set making it just $12.49. Then I was able to Swap for some $10 off coupons that some other moms had received in magazines they were not going to use. One mom just sent it out without anything and I knew getting a couple of extras wouldn't be bad to get more for gifts or to share. So another girl I was already trading other stuff with sent one and I traded coke points for another but have yet to see it. Might be in the mailbox though I am so bad about getting down to check it lately with two kids around. So I picked up two sets for just over $6 with tax. They are so cute with Thomas trains that talk. :) I love Swap Mamas and being able to trad things I don't need or want for things I do need or want. Check them out if you haven't already. Let me know if you have any questions. Most of my experiences have been good but there have been a few along the way that have gone a bit bad but for the most part it has been great. :)

So I have been getting my list together since last week to hit up Kroger on the second week of their mega sale. They had Ronzoni Pasta on sale for 79-89 cents a box with the deal and I had coupons good for at least 50 cents off a box if not $1 off making it free plus a money maker. I got 17 boxes all together of the three different kinds. We love the whole wheat pasta one for spaghetti it makes it so much more filling and I need less meat in the sauce. I also had an ecoupon that came off and helped out. All said and done I made 16 cents off the 17 boxes. Got to love that! I also picked up 10 cans of tomatoes at .49 cents a can. I know there were coupons out there but I didn't have them and it would have only saved $2 so probably not worth trying to get them. I also picked up a bunch of cans of fruit for Scott for the winter. When I can't get the fresh fruit we switched to cans and I have a hard time finding good deals so I stocked up at .49 cents each at least 25 cents cheaper than I can get it when it's not on sale and a lot cheaper than I can get pears since I can't find a place that carries the ones in juice for a great regular price or even in light syrup. Aldi at least carries the peaches and fruit cocktail at decent prices. I did mess up my count though so I have to take 6 back and get 4 more to round out the deal. I have a love/hate relationship with Mega sales because you have to have the exact right amount to get the deals. I also got 6 cans of cream of mushroom soup and 2 cans of Chunky soup for free with an extra penny for each. I had two coupons good for $4 off Wholly Guacamole and it was only marked $2.89 so I got two free and overage for the rest of my groceries. I got two packages of Driscoll Raspberries for $1.50 each after my 50 cent off coupons doubled. My total was well over $100 before the Mega deals and coupons. I got 102 gas points and spent a grand total of $33.39 at a 75% savings and that didn't count the mark down on my 2 loaves of bread I got for 99 cents and the markdown on Scotty's favorite yogurt I got for 1/2 off. Oh and for that money I also got 3 6 packs of drinkable yogurt. Scott loves those. Oh and a brick of Velveeta for our yummy grilled cheese. I am down to half a box and didn't want to run out. I came home and had to clean out my pantry to fit all that pasta and food in it. :) What a great trip. So blessed to live in a country where food is so abundant and there are so many great deals on it to be had.

The only bad part about cleaning out the pantry was I realized I am out of some stuff for baking for the holidays coming up so I will have to stock up on those next week at Aldi if there are not better deals somewhere else.

Oh I forgot I did get to Aldi this week as well. I took the container back from my grapes because they were supposed to be seedless and I spent all week pulling seeds out of them so Scotty could eat them. :( Thankfully they have a satisfaction guaranteed promise there. I picked up a pineapple on sale and a ham which will last a while and I will freeze the rest. Spent more than normal at Aldi but I am good for a while with the ham which was the biggest expense.

Meijer didn't have anything on sale I couldn't live without. Next week I will make it in to use my $2 off anything coupon they gave me through their M-perks. It is good through Friday of next week. :)

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