Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Avoiding the stores if at all possible

This time of year just makes me crazy to try and get in and out of stores so I do my best to stay away. I didn't really go back out last week to do anything else. My find of the week was a Radio Flyer wagon on sale for just $49 on Amazon with free shipping. I had a $10 gift card from some reviews I wrote and was able to cash in some money I had from doing online surveys for another $16 so I ended paying about $26 for a nice new wagon. We had one but the wheel broke and it was not really the kind I wanted so I sort of used it as an excuse to buy a new one. At that price I can't go to wrong. I have already put it together and it is ready for Christmas morning. Now if I can get the trampoline put together on Christmas Eve we will be in business. I bought it from a yard sale for about $25 if I remember correctly I know it wasn't more than that though. It thankfully is most of the way put together so it shouldn't be to big of a deal other than I don't have the instructions. Maybe I should see if I can find those online.

This week I did most of my shopping at Sam's club. Every 3-4 weeks I go out there to pick up some stuff I have used up that I cannot find cheaper anywhere else. I got frozen strawberries for smoothies, peanut butter, a rotisserie chicken, 6lbs of ground beef, and I know there was something else for $40. I spend a lot when I go there but at least I know the stuff lasts a long time. :) Well except the chicken but it's a great deal and we get several meals from one usually more.

I did run into Aldi and pick up some bananas, oranges, some coffee for my husband to take to work ($5 for a huge can) hopefully it is good. On top of that I had a shop so I picked up a few things such as more honey nut cheerios on sale with coupons for about 72 cents a box and some other stuff like gum that was on sale. I also am using these shops to get my coke for free. I spent about $3 more than I made for the shop but I also did a pizza shop and made $5 on that so I actually was still $2 ahead on that one. I combined the two in a neighboring town so I saved on gas as well.

I also picked up the iron on transfers to finish the capes for Scotty's birthday party and a present for a friend from Amazon.

This morning I ran to Rite Aid to pick up a few deals I had read about. I needed toothpaste and they had the kind I wanted on sale and I had a store coupon and a manf coupon (to bad I got home and realized it had not been taken off my receipt) I got some stuff for Brad with coupons as well. While I was there I took a look at their toys that were 60% off and found a fun tent with a tunnel that we will hopefully use as a gift for just $8. It gave me the option of using a $4 off coupon so technically I only paid $4 for it so I am happy. I also got some hot wheels on sale for 50 cents each to save for when Scotty is a little bit bigger. If I stock up on sales I won't end up paying full price later. :) So pretty much I have spent my money for the week but that's OK because I don't really want to go anywhere anyway. I could have picked up another shop but being in the grocery store this week just does not sound like fun to me the one on Monday afternoon was insane!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I am excited to get out after Christmas and start finding bargains for next year. Hopefully I will hit Target before church on Sunday for Stocking stuffers for next year. They go fast so I want to get there early. Then as they start to clearance more out I will get some other stuff as well most likely. It's the time to stock up for all those holiday needs next year for sure. The middle of January also brings lots of sales and deals. It's a great time to stock up on toys at Target and Toys R Us for sure. It's also a good time to stock up on winter stuff in that next size up for those little ones. Not only do regular stores have sales but so do the consignment stores so I try to hit them when they are 75% off. It's as good as yard sale prices then. Time to take inventory of what I already have to I won't get more than I need.

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