Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So far so good on stuff for next year

I did not make it to Target Sunday morning it was just more trouble than I wanted to drive across town before church. I did run to Walgreen's after church and picked up a few fun things for next years stocking for Scotty. Then I went ahead and ran into Kroger for a few minutes. They had some good deals with coupons on Charmin, Duracell batteries, and a few other things. I also got some ground turkey for $1.49 a pound on clearance. It's hard to find it for anything close to that price. I saved over half and was very happy with my finds. :) Monday I finally made it to Target and did find a few fun stocking stuffers like fun balls. They also had some Creme Brulee almonds that looked yummy and for $3 for about a pound and a half it was a great deal. I am waiting on some of the stuff until they go at least 75% off because they have so much there are bound to be some left. So back next week to check that out. I also got some wrapping paper for Scotty's stuff for next year. Trucks and cars! I also went over to Bed Bath and Beyond. I had planned to get a kid camera for Scott but after reading some reviews decided it wasn't a good deal after all. I got Scotty a new ball for now because he was obsessed. I found a kit for making bouncy balls for next year, a set of Shrinky dinks for next year, the coolest set of mini lincoln logs that are supposed to be party favors but they are so cute so I will save them until Scott is big enough. I also picked up a new door mat with snowmen since my old Christmas one is to tall to use now that we have a storm door. I spent about $12 thanks to the fact my sister works there and we got an extra 20% off the already reduced prices. I still need to go to Aldi and to Meijer this week but am not getting much. I used most of the grocery budget for next years Christmas. :) Good thing we have a good stock of food on hand. This is how I don't break the budget at the end of year. I start buying after Christmas and by the next year we are ready go without going into debt.

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