Thursday, January 6, 2011

So much to get ready for a birthday party...

Sorry I have not had time to post recently. This week was my little boys birthday and his party is on Saturday so I have been trying to get ready for that not to mention I have not been feeling all that good. Anyway on to my savings and deals in the last week plus. I have not been buying a lot of groceries I have plenty of staples to keep us going so that I am able to spend the extra on after Christmas bargains and gifts for next year not to mention for birthday parties  that I know Scott will be invited to. So far I have bought a few things for Scott at 50% off at Target as well as cards and wrapping paper and other goodies at 75-90% off at Target. Yesterday I hit Target for 90% off Christmas deals I spent less than $16 and saved over $123 according to my receipt. Not sure if that works out money wise but that was what it said. I am set on cards and wrapping paper for years to come. I got some great silver plastic bowls that I can use for serving or water play or any number of things for just 19 cents each. :)  I also found some bath sets at Meijer the end of last week for $2.49 each and they are not marked for Christmas so will make great birthday gifts as well. I also got some containers of Kleenex for just 49 cents each. I found some coupons for them after I got home so I will take them back when I go this week and get my money back. I will end up paying just 98 cents for 6 oval shaped containers. They are cute with winter patterns and will work great in the bathrooms or under the table in our living room where my two year old can't reach them. I always keep my eyes open for deals like that. :) It really helps when the budget is tight. I don't have to worry about running out of things like that. I also found a fun Thomas shirt for Scott and while not the most amazing bargain he will love it and it was on clearance.

I am still watching the toys at Target. I might make it back on Saturday to see if they have marked more down to 50% off and hopefully by next week I can catch the 75% off deals. Hopefully there will be some great things to use for Birthday presents because I know we have at least 4 more in the next few months for Scotty's little friends. :) I was able to use some stuff I got last year for a party this past weekend. It was the perfect toy and I had gotten a great deal on it. Love when that happens.

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