Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kroger paid me to take my groceries home...

So I went back to Kroger to pick up a couple of things I forgot and see if they got the Reach toothbrushes back in stock. I actually went to a different Kroger today than normal and they did have the toothbrushes so I got 6 for free with coupons and rounded out the buy 10 deal with 4 cans of tomato sauce for 49 cents each. They had yogurt marked down and the way my little boy goes through it I stock up when I can and I had plenty of coupons that I bought off ebay. So I got 4/4 packs of yogurt and they paid me 4 cents after coupons. I also got 2/4 pack of drinkable ones I paid 83 cents total after coupons. Some stores will give you grief for using coupons on markdowns. The Kroger stores here do not since they will get their money either way and like getting rid of stuff before they can't sell it any more. I also got 2/8 packs of dish clothes because mine are about 3 years old and were getting kind of nasty. Also Always products with coupons and two cans of  Nacho soup that was on sale. They took off my credit from the pharmacy then took off the coupons and ended up giving me almost $5 back. Now that is what I call shopping. :)

Then I hit Meijer where I would have done really well if I had stayed away from the books but I ended up buying Scotty a Wonder Pets water color paint book and a Wonder Pets Paper Dolls book for later. He had so much fun painting today and it's a huge book so there will be many more days in our future. Well worth the extra money spent. I got free eggs with my Mperks card. They have been generous lately with the freebies. :) I also bought a couple more packs of drinkable yogurt on sale with coupons for just 89 cents each. And my favorite purchase was new fleece PJ's for me. My last new pair was right before Scotty was born to wear at the hospital and they are pretty worn out. They were half price and are so warm and soft. Made my whole month. LOL How sad that getting something new for me makes me this happy. :)

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