Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good week for deals

I'm sitting here laughing because my husband is talking about how much money he spent before he met me. He shopped the most expensive grocery store because it's convenient and ate out a lot because he was to lazy to cook dinner. :) Wow have times have changed for him. Now he doesn't spend much money at all.

So far I have found some amazing deals this week. The one I was the most excited about was 52 weeks of the Sunday paper delivered for just $52. That's half off the normal paper price plus a few more dollars savings on the delivery. :) Couldn't pass that one up. I know there are at least $1 worth of coupons in the paper each week.

I did make it to Once Upon a Child on Monday and picked up about 10 shirts/sweaters for $12.80. I was very happy. I think we are just about set for next winter. I did not take stuff into sell I didn't have as much as I thought so I will probably wait until a little later in the year. Might try a different store to sell at one of these days.

I also got a gift certificate to use on a website called brighter beginnings that sells great today for just $5 with my Eversave credit. Love credit!

I went to Aldi and picked up a few things I was running low on. Eggs, bananas, apples, taco seasoning. onion soup mix and a few other things for about $13. It would have been less if I had actually bought the right kind of apples that were on sale. Always a bummer to get home and find I spent more money than I needed to.

Kroger is having a great mega sale and I had a ton of coupons that made stuff super cheap. I got 11 cans of diced tomotoes, 10 cans of rotel tomotoes, 12 balance bars, 2 reach flossers, 3 Honest Ade drinks, 4 bags of organic blue tortilla type chips, 5 cans of Hormel chili, and 3 cans of soup. Oh and a loaf of marked down and some cheese sticks for Scotty all for just over $10. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if my $25 credit would have worked so I wouldn't have had to pay that. It's there it just didn't give me the option of using it. :( I have more coupons to use next week. Most are not that good but still some good deals.

The mystery shop company I contract with called and asked me to do a last minute shop for them. It paid $7 for a few minutes of work and I was to spend $1 just to prove I actually went to the store. I saw on one of the blogs I read that I could get a pack of photo paper free with a rebate so I got that instead and got the rebate all sent in so they paid me to buy something I was getting free anyway so more money for me. :) So a few extra dollars to add to the budget.

I also was able to order two photo books for just over $7 each for shipping. They are the great hard back kind. I did one of Scott's birthday party and I sent one to my mom as well. She loves showing off her grandson to all the people who will stop and look. :) She will be so excited when it gets there and surprises her. Can't beat a great surprise for $7.

Today I am going to get a free DVD from redbox and I forgot my coke at Kroger so I am going to see if I can get that credit to actually work for me. Might mean another call to customer service.

Oh and you have to love cable companies that like to mess with you. I got a card in the mail telling me my discounted rate was ending and it would go up just $12 a month. Not happy but decided it would be OK then I got the bill and it went up almost $16. So I call them and they made excuse after excuse for why it was not what they said it would be. Never did get a straight answer on that one but I did find out I could get it knocked down even a little more if they rebundled which apparently they undid last year and I get caller ID and free long distance on my phone so an added bonus. Not happy about the $25 charge but at least it will pay me back over the next few months. Makes me mad though. Wise there with other choices.

Happy Saving everyone and sometimes it's worth a phone call to save some money even if it frustrates you in the process.

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