Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sorry for being gone so long...

I have just had so much going on and every time I turn around it snows again so I try to avoid going out as much as possible. I love this time a year for all the great mark downs though so I have been out snatching them up. I hurried over to Target last week when they marked their toys down to 75% off. I am thankful for all the blogs that keep me up on when things should be marked down or when people have found them marked down. I really scored on some great stuff to use for gifts for all those birthday parties as well as some stuff for Scotty for next year. I got him a Toy Story race track that looks like so much fun  for just $12.49 original price $49.99. I think I spent about $80 for about $320 worth of toys. :) I was even able to use a coupon I had on a tag book.

I also hit Target this morning looking for some more deals on some of the toys that were not marked down that far last time and overheard someone say that they were not going down until the 6th so you know I will be there that day. :) I did however score some clothes markdowns for Scott for next winter. I got a great two piece coat that has fleece all down the sleeves for just $6.75 and two sweaters at $2.50 each and a pair of fleece pants for just $1.75 which is cheaper than consignment store prices for the part and they are brand new.

Monday I am headed back to Once Upon a Child to see if there is anything left since they will go down to 75% off their fall and winter orange and green tagged items. I also have a few more things I dug up that I am going to try and sell them to help cover whatever I find. We are getting closer to having next year covered. Right now I think mostly we need jeans I think. Hard to find in a 4T with knees still in them. I will be watching yard sales all summer. I still need to locate the box in the attic to double check what I already have but it's so cold up there. :(

Today I ran into Meijer for their super Saturday sale and for a few other things that they had on sale. I got 4 packs of Angel soft toilet paper. They were $1.93 each and I was lucky enough to have 2 $1 off coupons so two of them were only 93 cents each. I also got a pound of bacon for $2 and 4 jars of peter pan peanut butter for 99 cents each. I think I might have had a coupon for it but forgot to try and find it so if I find it I will take it back next week. I also picked up drinkable yogurt for my child who sucks it down really fast on sale and for one had a coupon. To bad I didn't have more of those. I should check ebay after tomorrow when the coupon will be in the paper. :)

I also ran into Kroger for a second time this week the first go round I did get some good deals but the best was a bottle of dish detergent for free because it was marked down to $1 and I had a $1 off coupon. :) Today I picked up some cereal for free with a buy 3 items get it free and used coupons and paid $2.72 out of pocket for 3 boxes of Fiber one bars and a box of cereal and got back a $1.50. So just over 30 cents a box if you divide it by 4. I got floss that they paid me to buy. I also got some protein bars for my sister for pretty cheap. Between 50 and 67 cents each. I also picked up free breathe right strips with a coupon.

I also scored big on an Amazon Gift card this week. There was a deal where you could get a $20 card for just $10 and if free friends bought one you got yours free well at least 3 people signed up so I got mine for free. So $20 to spend on Amazon. I also have a little over $12 from doing online surveys I can cash in for more to spend on there. Love it!

I also used my $25 credit on Shutterfly to print all the pictures from Scotty's birthday party and paid just $11 out of pocket for 170 pictures. That is about 6 cents a print which is pretty good. I also printed a bunch on Snapfish with free credits so I am pretty much caught up on picture printing which is good. Now if I could get them scrapbooked I would be good.

Happy saving!

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