Sunday, January 9, 2011

Survived the party and found some great clearance deals

The party went great and even though the roads were bad the morning of the party by party time they were passable and everyone made it safely and had so much fun. It was worth every penny to see how excited my little boy was.

Even with the snow on the ground Saturday morning I decided I really needed to go ahead and run my errands and pick up the last minute things like ice. I probably should have just used the snow in the cooler and saved myself some money. :) I will have to try it next time and see how it works out. Before heading to Meijer for the few things I needed there and that were deals I headed to Target to check the clearance toys and since it was a different one than I went to when things went 90% off I checked what they had left there too. I was excited to find they had the great Toddler Thomas the train wooden sets half off that will make wonderful gifts for Scott's parties he will be going to for just $9.99. LOVE IT I also found another container of building blocks to go with the ones I got for Scott's Christmas/birthday next year marked half off. Now he should have plenty to make whatever he wants. A lot of the stuff has still not gone 50% off and I am confused on how they are doing it this year usually one day they just mark it all down on the same day and it seems they are doing it a few toys at a time and not the same ones as the other stores are doing. Oh well I got some good deals and will keep watching for further mark downs on some other stuff that will make great gifts. That does remind me I need to check the message boards and see what others are saying and maybe post and see if anyone has any thoughts on that. I also picked up a few items from the Christmas stuff. Some pop up tape refills for 20 cents each and some more staples to go with the staple gun I got to hang Christmas lights with (going to see if it what my neighbor was looking for) and some different kinds of tree hooks that looked like fun.

On to Meijer for some free boxes of Green Giant veggies, big containers of yogurt with coupons for Scotty (he eats a ton of this), instant brown rice with a coupon that was expiring (I like to wait for a sale but needed more rice and using the coupon was better than nothing), and a box of free hair color with a coupon they sent me.

I also accidentally found a great deal on pillow pets this past week at Kroger. I stopped in to pick up my little boys prescription and find something to put the cupcakes for his party in. I found big roasting pans with lids for $1 each on clearance. :) My little boy spotted a puppy Pillow Pet and had to have it. He had not show any interest in them before but he was petting it and loving on it. I wasn't happy about spending $20 and was trying to figure out how to leave it behind without a melt down. The lady in the pharmacy assured me that she was pretty sure it was on sale so we took it to the register to find out. It rang up just $6 what an awesome deal! So he got a Pillow pet and I hit another Kroger and got another to use as a gift. I am not sure if they are still on sale or clearance or what. Nobody had them marked or they would have been gone I am sure. I would love to get a couple more if I can find them and they are still on sale. The variety is not good since they are getting rid of them. Everyone else is still selling them for $20. I was in Kroger way to many times but did manage to score a few more deals while I was there. When I went into the other Kroger to look for more pillow pets I wanted to get some hot chocolate with $2 coupons I had and get the extra money since they were on sale for less than that toward the pet. The guy who was checking me out didn't want me to have the extra money and kept trying to put in the info without giving me the extra and it took forever. I tried telling him that Kroger would get the $2 no matter what. He was sure it was not true. I gave up and took my coupons and left the store with just my pillow pet. Stopped at the one by my house because I knew I could scan them myself. Had to find something to use up the overage. I found they had marked down their Christmas cupcake papers to 10 cents each. What a deal and I don't care what kind I used for muffins and such. so I got 10 packs of them and a box of oatmeal marked down to 59 cents for 10 packets. So I got all that plus two boxes of hot chocolate for 63 cents. :) Funny how if the guy would have just scanned them it would not have been a big deal. Coupon nazis are not fun and should not make up their own rules.

Tomorrow I am headed to Once Upon a Child to see about selling some of Scott's clothes and check out their markdowns. They are supposed to go to 50% off certain items (winter with the right color tag). I am hoping to make enough to buy whatever I find for next year. I also need a couple of things from Sam's club and Aldi so we are probably headed there as well.

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