Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some great deals and trying not to spend as much

I am doing my best to figure out how to save even more money due to the fact I am not sure how much our health insurance and other things are going up for the next year. I wish they would just tell me so I know. I am thinking I might cancel our home phone. We don't use it all that much and it makes my husband upset when it rings we don't have caller ID on it and for some reason even though we are on the Do Not Call list they still call constantly with you have been selected to receive a free_____________!

Anyway onto the deals and savings. Last week I had another couple of mystery shops so was able to get the deals from mega sale with only a couple of dollars out of pocket. I stocked up on honey nut cheerios for my husband and a few other things. I did not hit Meijer as their deals were not good last week. I did go to Aldi and pick up the basics and the bakery store for 2 loaves of whole wheat bread, a pack of whole wheat buns, and a package of whole grain crumb treats for less than $5. They have some great clearance deals there. :)

I spent some of my weekly  on a gift for my dad for Christmas. We got him a personalized picture from from personalization mall and it turned out great. Now I just need to print the picture to put in it.

I found a deal to get 50 free prints from snapfish with free shipping with my new camera that comes in handy.

I picked up my pajamas at JcPenney for Scott. They are very cute and worth the $3.17 I paid for each one for sure. :)

I also picked up another deal on Amazon for a Color Wonder drawing set with sounds that I think will be great for Scott for next year. It was around $10 and there is a $3 rebate for it that I will mail off for. It's still on sale if anyone is interested. Let me know if you need the link for the rebate.

This week I have already done most of my grocery shopping. I knew it was going to be cold and nasty due and one of my deals needed to be quick because my coupons were expiring on Wednesday and I was afraid they wouldn't restock by then. I got 8 1/2 gallons of free Smart Balance milk and 2 16oz bottles of olive oil absolutely free. :) Meijer is an amazing place some times. Stacking those mealbox coupons with the manf coupons is awesome. :) They also had eggs for 99 cents a dozen and since they have been so high lately I was very happy about that. I used a 55 cent off two to get an even better deal. I also got 3 jars of Classico Pasta sauce for just 33 cents a jar. It was on sale buy 2 for $4 get one free and I used 3 $1 off coupons to make it just $1 for all three. It depends on the cashier you get to whether they will let you use all 3 coupons or not. It's not illegal to use a coupon on a free item but some places/cashiers will not let you do it.

Kroger really doesn't have any great deals this week but I had a shop so I did pick up a few things. I was also lucky to find some closeout deals that will help with the budget later on. Scott has super sensitive skin so I like to use the Aveeno bath products for him and they are so pricey. They were clearing out the moisturizing shampoo which I am pretty sure is close to what the bath soap is like so I got two bottles for less than the price of one. I wish I had coupons but they are pretty rare for Aveeno.

Our big save last week was getting the Children's museum membership I had been planning to buy anyway for $25 off. Now we have free admission to not only our museum locally but the one in Cincinnati and COSI in Columbus as well! Very very happy about that one. Also a lot of other ones throughout the US if we do any traveling as well.

Soon I hope to start post some other things I do to save money besides looking for bargains. I hope they will be helpful to everyone. Since it was just approved that our water bill that is already high is going up as well as probably the electric bill and I know our insurance I am going to need every single penny I can save. :(

Til next time happy saving!

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