Saturday, December 4, 2010

More online deals

In case anyone isn't already following the deals I post on Facebook so you can get some of the great deals too look up "Marty and Stacey Save you Money" and "like" the page so it will show up in your news feed.

I did find a few more deals online this week and skipped Kroger all together this week since the sale should continue next week. Lots of shops in next 2 weeks which will help with the budget.

I did hit Meijer last night and was happy they fixed the problem with the money they promised on my Mperks card so I got an extra $2 off my order. My husband loves the fake crab meat but I won't buy it at $3 a pack. This week is was on sale for $1 so I picked up a few for his lunches. They also had 3lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes for $1 so I got some of those as well. YUM

I was also happy to find that they had the little Christmas ducks that Walmart was sold out of to finish Scotty's collection. :) They were only 99 cents.

I got a set of Melissa and Doug Magnet Joey Dress up for Scott for maybe next year. It's hard to find good deal on boy toys like that. They make so few and they sell out so fast. I paid only $6.50 with the great free shipping on Amazon. I am loving my Amazon Mom right now. They give me free shipping just for being a mom and buying baby products IE diapers that they discount and drop at my door less than 2 days later. Oh and as a Christmas gift they gave me another free month. :) Oh and for every order of $25 or more of baby products they give me another free month. Smart of them to keep me buying. :)

I also got a great deal on some pajamas for Scott they had a great $10 off $10 coupon that I was able to use twice and ship the item to the store so no shipping. I paid $3.17 for each one. Now that is my kind of deal. Unfortunately the coupon was gone fast and a lot of people couldn't get the deal not to mention the site was moving so slow and if I not been up early I wouldn't have got the deal either. Can't wait to get them.

I would encourage you to check the paper and watch stuff online to see what kind of fun stuff your area has going on. We have gotten free pics with Santa, a free Christmas event that would have been great if my child was older, and a free build a train Workshop just in the last week oh and the police made Scotty an ID card with his pic and thumbprint just in case for which I am very thankful. I know that TRU also has free events every month or so as well as Home Depot so that would be a couple of websites to check out.

Until next time happy saving!

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