Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty much normal deals lately

I unfortunately lost my credit card while trying to get a deal last week so I didn't get out as much for deals as I normally would because I didn't want to put much on other cards. I did get a replacement finally at the end of the week. Thankfully nobody tried to use it. I have been getting great free codes for Redbox movies so in the last week I have watched two free movies. :) If I make it to Meijer tomorrow I will get another one for tomorrow night. Watching the blogs saves me so much money and allows me things I wouldn't do otherwise. I got an 11 x 14 collage picture of my son's birthday party pictures for $1.99 shipped with a deal on Snapfish. I got a two year subscription to Parenting the Early years for just $2. I ordered my husband a animated card for Valentine's day at a $3 discount. It was still a little over $3 but cards are high and this one had pictures of our son on it that moved. :)

I also found a great deal on an HD video camera from Best Buy for just $40. It was originally $129. I still need to get a memory card for it soon because it does not hold much otherwise but I am more than thrilled with my deal. I had been wanting one for a while. I was using my regular camera but when I got my new fancy one it is all about pictures and not video.

My grocery shopping has been pretty normal lately not a lot of excitement. I always watch clearance racks and shelves. I was able to pick up a huge bag of peppers for my sister for just over $2 because they were getting soft. She cooks them before eating anyway so it doesn't matter to her and it saved her a lot of money. She cooked some and froze the rest for later use. Finding things you use every day for less always helps the budget and my sister never has enough money so it's extra important for her.

Yesterday for Valentine's day we chose not to spend a lot of money. We can show each other we love each other without buying over priced flowers and other stuff. I had the card made for Brad and he made me one on the computer and printed it out. They are special because they have our pictures and say exactly what you want them to. I did buy my little guy a super fun balloon because they are his favorite. For dinner we were able to snag a BOGO free meal from Qdoba just for kissing the one we love. Love getting deals on dining out. Every once in a while it is nice not to have to cook dinner and not have it cost a fortune. I sign up for email alerts from all our favorite restaurants so that I get special coupons and know about all the deals.

I have been earning lots of Amazon gift cards and using them to buy things like diapers which extend my Amazon mom account for longer. I also received a $10 off coupon on the baby section of Amazon in my Parents magazine. I think I have almost enough to for a stand and play car ramp toy for my son. It looks like a lot of fun.

Happy Saving!

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