Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sort of a frustrating savings week but some great buys/deals

I started off my week with a mystery shop but had a bunch of stuff I wanted from the store so I did spend more than I made but only about $20 so not to bad. My frustration was that I entered a bake off contest just to get the $5 off coupon at the store and it was on my card but did not come off. Then when I was finally able to check because when I came home the site was down the coupon is no longer there. I picked up a pack of twistable crayons for my little boy because I had the coupon but ended up paying for them out of pocket and that was very frustrating. I have emailed Pillsbury about the disappearing coupon and we will see what they have to say. so for my $21 I got a bag of brown rice, 24 pack of Crayola twistable crayons, 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, 3 32oz containers of yogurt, 6/6 packs of drinkable yogurts, 3/4 packs of yogurt for my husband, a loaf of whole grain bread, 2 tubes of colgate toothpaste, 2 greek yogurt containers, a Thomas the train placemat, a 12 pack of coke, 2 packs of Whole Wheat tortillas, 2/2lb blocks of velveeta cheese and 2 cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli. I used a lot of coupons making some of the stuff free including the 12 pack of coke, the toothpaste, and the greek yogurt.

I made another run to Kroger yesterday to get a few more things and pick up some prescriptions. My little boy has some pretty yucky outdoor allergies that started as soon as we had a warm day last week and they didn't end until the middle of December last year so we keep him on allergy meds full time during the rest of the year. I am very disappointed to find that almost everyone is discontinuing the Alavert that we love so much. I really want to stock up but don't really have the money in my budget so I have to decide how I am going to do it while I still can. I can give him Claritin but it costs a lot more for the chewable and  he really doesn't care for the liquid. I did however find two bottles of the liquid Claritin on markdown for $2.39 so I couldn't pass that up. I had a $2 coupon for one bottle and when I scanned the one box of Alavert I picked up with a coupon I had for it it produced an automatic $2 coupon for more Claritin so I was able to get each bottle for 39 cents each. Poor baby will just have to suffer since it's what mama can afford. I got 2 dozen eggs on sale with a 55 cent off 2 coupon. 2/4 packs of kid yogurt for Scotty (I had coupons that I someone did not scan for these), 4 packs of tuna for free with doubled coupons, and spent less than $5 because I had a $3 coupon from my mega deals from the other day. Would have been less than $3 if I had remembered my other coupons. I probably should try and take those back.

I was so happy to find the cutest little croc boots for Scotty for next fall for less than 1/2 price. They even still have them for that great price with free shipping if you want some. They had several colors but we got the black ones thinking they would go with most everything. :) We also received our first thred up box yesterday. The clothes were OK but we were going for the Thomas the train bathtub toy and we were not disappointed. Since I only paid $1 for the box with a deal I figure even though the clothes were so so. I did get some jean shorts for summer and she threw in an extra Find it toy which is adorable. It was a good experience. I have about $8 credit on there toward another box for Scotty if we can find a good one. I am going to list a couple more boxes. I still have one nobody has picked but all the rest have been taken by other families to cloth their boys. :) This is the freebie she threw in. :) Happy saving everyone. If anyone wants to try out Thredup you can join through my link so I get credit for it. You will also get $5 toward your box. So you will only have to pay shipping on the box.

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