Saturday, February 5, 2011

Re-kid sale, Riteaid, Walmart, and another trip to Kroger...

Today was Re-kid's bag sale. I headed over there just after they opened and grabbed a bag. Anything marked half off you could fill your bag with for just $15. I don't like that they mix the boys clothes with the girls stuff but I started pulling stuff down. I was looking for more shirts and sweaters for Scott for next year. Pants don't matter as much if they get changed up on a boy and I got enough at Once Upon a Child when they were 50% off. I heard that there really weren't any marked down from the frustrated moms who were looking through them. I ended up getting 16 shirts, sweaters, and fleece jackets into my bad and I headed up to pay. I was the first one to check out and the girl got the computer all messed up. The manager/owner came to help but got frustrated and told her to just give it to me for the $9.92 it was showing instead of redoing it for the $15.90 it was supposed to come to. I couldn't have been happier. Great stuff in great brands too. :)

I also went to Riteaid to search out some deals I had read about there as well. I got a Electrosal dispenser, a tube of toothpaste, a large bottle of contact solution, and 2 bags of cough drops. I paid $9 out of pocket . I will get back $7.99 in rebates and I left with $3 in Up rewards to use next week. So technically they paid me $2 to shop today.

On Friday I headed to Kroger because I was got an e-coupon that was supposed to be good for a deli tray. Unfortunately after two tries I have still been unable to make the thing work. I am going to try one more time tomorrow and if it still won't work I am going to call customer service and tell them how unhappy I am that they gave me this great freebie that won't work. :( I did pick up some marked down bread and got some more yogurt. We seemed to be killing that around here right now.

I also went to Walmart because a friend that works there told me there were a lot of mark downs. I swear that my Walmart likes to just keep it all because their prices are terrible. I am not sure why but I rarely find a good clearance deal there and when I do there is like one left. :( I did get some free yogurt, some cheap travel packs of baby wipes, and some cheese sticks for Scotty.

Oh and I also purchased a $10 coupon to use on Deal Pulp for $1. That is the site I got the ThredUp deal through the other day. I figure it will be good for something soon. I also used my Groupon for Nutty guys to get some Almond butter for my sister, more dried blueberries for Scotty (I got a whole pound) and some Raspberry granola cereal for me. YUM I just paid shipping which was about $9 I think. A good deal since Almond Butter and blueberries are super expensive. Oh and a Valentine card that is animated meaning it changes from one picture of Scotty to another when you move it. I paid about $3 for it and I bet it's kept unlike a store bought generic card. I really love making cards with pictures on them. I think they are super special so I always watch for deals to make them cheap. :)

I can't remember if I posted about my cool new HD video camera I got from Best Buy this week or not. This one sells for $129 regular price but was on sale for just $39.99. So far I really like it a lot. I need to get a memory card for it so I can record more movies without filling it up. I haven't downloaded the videos to my computer yet but I am impressed with how crisp they are on the video screen. I hope I like them as much on my computer. I love being able to capture my little guy and all he does. :)

A pretty good week of savings for sure.

I also got the info about our health insurance. Not so good but we are doing our best. I am changing my plan to one that is not as good but will keep my price within $2 of what it has been. There isn't much I can do about my husband's so his will go up almost $40 a month but at least it is just his so we will survive. I don't know what will happen if he doesn't get a raise next year either or a job with real health insurance. I don't know how we can keep doing this. I will have to start working again if it keeps up this way and I really don't want to do that. How are we supposed to survive with no more money coming in and everything going up and up and up. OK that's my rant for the week I figure most of you are in the same boat and for that I am sorry. Life is not so much fun some times. All the more reason to save as much as possible on everything else. :)

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