Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally got my $5

In my last post I mentioned that I was supposed to have $5 on my Kroger card but it did not come off. Well I emailed customer service and someone finally put it on the card so it would work for me. :) I love deals but some times they make me work a little to hard for them. It is getting harder and harder for me to go to the store with my two year old. Everything is a huge tantrum with him lately and it's very frustrating. I had a mystery shop I had to do this week and he screamed for the first 10 minutes I was in the store. It was on the other side of town so there was no way  I could go back later. I tried last week to save my errands for the weekend and then my little boy turned up sick so I ended up running the errands while he sat in the car with my husband on the way to and from his doctor's appt. Poor little guy had a double ear infection from all the drainage of the allergies that kicked up as soon as the weather had a few warm days a couple of weeks ago so I am back to hunting down cheap allergy meds. Totally bummed that the one we really like is being discontinued in all the local stores so we are going to have to use something else now. Need to see if I can stock up this weekend before they are all gone.

So last week I hit Target for some ibuprofen and used a $1 off their store brand to get some cheap meds for my little guy. Then off to Meijer where I picked up some juice boxes that are healthy with carrots and such as well on sale with store coupons. The did not carry the type I had manf coupons for but in this coming Sunday's paper there are some good ones so maybe they will be on sale again soon. I know I got a bunch of other stuff but for the life of me I have no idea what it was. I do know I picked up some stuffed Chicken breasts because they were on sale and it was an easy way to make a quick dinner since I had a sick child. I also got a bag of salad that was also on sale and made a fast easy dinner. Some times I still go back to the easy stuff even if it does cost a little bit more. Not a lot but more than making it myself.

I also went to Rite Aid where I used my two free diaper coupons I got from Huggies from their points reward program. I had a coupon for $4 off $20 purchase so by using the free coupons I could add on a package of pullups (which we will need eventually) and use a $2 off coupon I had for those as well. I spent a little over $4 with tax and the rest of the pullups and left with $6 in Up rewards to use this week or next. So free money from using free coupons that I already had. The cashier told me that I was not the only one working the system these days. With the price of gas I am going to have to start working even harder. :(

Our big expense for he weekend was finally buying an Itouch. I have really wanted an iphone for a long time but just don't have the extra $15 a month in my budget without taking it from something else and I am not ready to do that. So I figured the next best thing was to buy the Itouch so I can get the apps and use the wifi on it but just pay once. I did my research and found that it was the same price on Amazon as it was at Sam's club so we went there to pick it up so we could have it for my sick little guy to play with. So far he is in love. I have only paid for 2 apps and everything thing else I put on it has been free. I am sure in the future we will pay for some more stuff but for now I am taking it slow. I figured out a way to get his beloved Wonder Pets videos onto it without repurchasing them which made me really happy. So Scotty has to share with mommy but we are both happy with the purchase. I need to figure out if I want the extended warranty on it. I have 30 days to do it. I need to do the research on that and find out if it is money well spent or not. Usually it's not but in this case it just might be. Maybe I should see what Clark Howard has to say about it. :) I like his show.

This week so far I have only hit Kroger. I used another one of my free coupons to get a 12 pack of coke. I love reward programs that give me awesome stuff that I am buying anyway for free. I picked up some barbeque chicken from the deli that has been marked down. Got to love a whole chicken for $2.99. I got 12 double rolls of Charmin for $1.99 (who says generic is always cheaper). I got some Cascade action tabs with coupons for a great price. Cheaper than what I can get the Electrosal at Sam's club for per use. I keep seeing great deals on it for free and such but I have not been lucky enough to get my hand's on those good coupons. Sometimes we don't get the good coupons locally which is really a bummer and the other day I tried to print some Target ones and there were not any left. :( I was a little to late for that deal. I also picked up some Secret antiperspirant for 50 cents and some Old spice that they paid me a penny to buy. Two cans of Pringles for cheap. Store brand cheddar cheese for 1.27 for two cups. Totinos pizza rolls for 40 cents a box and 2 pizzas for less than 45 cents each. It was a good trip for sure.

I promised a while ago that I would post some other money saving tips on here and I plan to do that in the next couple of days so stay tuned. :)

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