Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of free pasta!

I hit Kroger on Tuesday morning to take advantage of both the Mega Sale and the Kraft Catalina that was ending. I got 2 large jars of miracle whip, 2 packages of American cheese slices, a bottle of bbq sauce, 2 boxes of wheat thins, and a pack of cream cheese minis to equal $20 before coupons to get a $5 coupon to use on my next shopping trip. I also picked up 2 boxes of Ronzoni pasta with coupons they paid me $1 to bring home. Two containers of Philly cooking creme for 49 cents each. A loaf of whole grain bread marked down to $1.29. I also picked 2 packages of chocolate chips on sale for $1 each with a $1 off two coupon making them 50 cents each. Now that is cheap! Out of pocket I spent $11.09 and got the $5 off. So before the money back I saved 72 percent. :) I have coupons to get more free Ronzoni and some free Red Gold tomatoes but didn't have time to get it all this morning and the sale continues next week. I also have coupons for more cheap cooking creme.

On Wednesday we headed over to Meijer after taking my little guy to have his ears checked. Thankfully all clear. :) At Meijer I found some deals on produce some marked down grapes and jalapenos for my sister for 13 cents she was happy.  I also picked up 3 more containers of strawberries for $1 a pound. I have already cut up and frozen most of them for smoothies. Normally I buy already frozen ones from Sam's club but $1 a pound beats that price. I got a box of free bagel bites with a coupon for $1 off and they were on sale for $1. I also picked up some bacon on sale. I love BLT sandwiches so I try to keep some on hand for when I find a good deal on tomatoes. It will be a while before I have any in my garden. Speaking of my garden I am going to try growing lettuce this year and see how that goes. :) I also decided for the first time to try buying bone in Chicken breast. I read a blog post by someone else recently that talked about how easy it was and how much more meat they got. Since they were on sale for 99 cents a pound which is at least 1/2 price of what I could get the boneless ones. I got a huge package for just over $5. I brought it home and pulled the skin off which was pretty easy and didn't take a lot of time I threw them in the crockpot and covered them with water. So glad I did that. I got enough meat for probably 8 different dishes ( I don't always use a lot of meat in all my dishes). I liked it better than a whole chicken because I am not a fan of dark meat even though we use if that is what we have. I will be doing that again for sure and probably not buying boneless much in the future. I also am going to try roasting them in the oven next time. I do like that cooking them in the crock pot produced broth I am going to use for soup. I also picked up a pack of Dole fruit cups for 99 cents which made them totally worth it. Wish I had remembered to print a few more coupons for that. For some reason I only had one.

Then we went to Babies R Us to use a $3 coupon I forgot expired that day. We were looking for Pip Squeak colored pencils but that one did not have any. So we decided to get a bubble mower and apply it to that. Unfortunately I should have done more research and realized that the bubble part does not work all that well. Oh well my little guy loves pushing it around the yard anyway.

On Thursday I finally made it to Aldi for some bananas, celery, cabbage, canned salmon, drink mix for my husband, and popcorn because some cute little boy keeps eating it all up. Spent less than $15.

Finally I made my 3rd trip to Kroger this week because I realized when I went to start dinner I did not actually have enough fish. I knew it was on sale and I really wanted to use my coupons for free pasta anyway so I ran out after my husband got home. I got a bag of Gorton's fish on sale for $3.49 with a 50 cent coupon that doubled so it was just $2.49 what a great deal. I also picked up 10 boxes of Ronzoni pasta with coupons that actually 10 cents to buy. :) I also got 8 cans of tomatoes that paid me 8 cents to buy. To round out the my deal because I needed to buy 20 items I picked up another container of of Philly cooking creme. I spent $2.80 out of pocket. I have some more great coupons I am going to use next week when the sale continues.

I am done for the week because we have plans on Saturday with friends so I got my errands in early this week.

Happy Saving!

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