Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saving money on cleaning products

I am going to start trying to give some ideas for other ways to save money besides finding deals. The less you have to buy the more you can save.

Let’s start with cleaning supplies I don’t buy a lot of them. To clean my bathrooms I use a powder cleaner like Ajax with bleach. I use it in the toilet bowl and on the shower/tub floor and walls. Also on the sinks. I use old toothbrushes that I run through the dishwasher to clean around the facets and such. For the mirrors vinegar and water are great. I have also started using reusable clothes instead of paper towels whenever possible for things like that and for scrubbing in the bathrooms I keep old wash clothes. I do use the disposable Lysol type wipes on the outside of the toilets. I use them sparingly and get them on good sales. Toilets with boys around are just too nasty so I decided it’s worth it. I use a steam mop on my kitchen and hard wood floors so I don’t use any cleaners on them just water. Baking soda and vinegar are good for cleaning in the kitchen if you need something besides the Ajax type powder. I have a dust mop with a washable cover which is great on the hardwood floors as well. I have the worst carpet and the cheap vacuum cleaner I had just wouldn’t touch them. I tried using a brush style non-electric vacuum but that was time consuming and it still didn’t work all that well. I finally was able to find a Dyson vacuum for $175 from a couple who was moving overseas and could not take it with them. It works great and I am so happy to have it. Totally worth the money to me.  

So the way you do Laundry can be a way to save money as well. Some things can be washed in cold water and still get just as clean. It also is much easier on the fabric to wash in cold. I only wash some things like sheets in Warm/Hot water. I also only use about half the laundry detergent that is normally called for and everything still comes out clean. I do have a front loading washer so I am sure that helps as well. I know that some people make their own detergent but I like All Free and Clear because the smell of a lot of detergents give me a migraine and with sensitive skin it has worked for Scott as well. I chose it over any of the baby detergents and it cost a lot less so that was a huge plus. There are lots of sales and coupons.

I will try and continue with more money saving tips besides just shopping for deals in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions or questions let me know and I will address them as well. :)

Happy Saving!

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