Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Deals this weekend!

Normally I run errands on Saturday but this weekend I thought I had other plans so I didn't run any and it was really nice. Sunday I did run some errands because there was a deal I really wanted from Rite Aid and I knew the item would not last long. Unfortunately it still took me stopping at two different stores before making it work.

So first up was Rite Aid. My first transaction was a mouth guard that was on sale for $19.99 regular price $32.99. I used a $5 off coupon from the companies website that I found on another blog. Then received a $15 Up reward back. I also used 2 coupons from their website worth $1 each so total OOP (out of pocket) was $14.07. I turned around an used the $15 toward two packages of diapers that were on sale for $8.99 each. I had one coupon for $2 off and one for $2.50. To make it work I added a box of Blink tears which will turn out to be free after a rebate. So total OOP for the second transaction was $8.03. I will get back $7.99 on the rebate. So for the mouth guard, 2 packs of Huggies and a box of artificial tears was $14.10. I can get diapers cheaper on Amazon but not with the extra mouth guard which my husband needed and the tears.

Then we needed some grass seed for the yard and some more dirt to get our garden ready to plant so we headed to Walmart. I wish I knew how to get better deals on this stuff but some times you just have to buy them when you need them. I also discovered that the sandals I bought for Scotty last week are way to big. I would return them but I am pretty sure by the end of summer we will need them and there will be none in site so I am holding onto them but I picked up two more pairs for him while we were at Walmart. You really can't beat $11 a pair for new shoes. They are super comfy ones too with cushioned soles. One dress pair and one play pair. I thought the pair I had from last year was going to work but the top rubs his foot in both shoes so they are out even thought they are long enough. Oh well can't win them all I guess. So a little over $64 but it was all worth it. Thank goodness for tax refunds.

Since I was already out I stopped at Staples to take advantage of a deal I found out about on several other blogs for free printer paper. I printed two coupons for $1 each from via so I get credit for using them. I spent $10.70 and I will get back $9.98. Can't beat almost free paper when you print as many coupons as I do.

Then to the bread store to pick up a couple more loaves of bread. I swear my son loves his bread. My goal is to start making our own bread so I save money on the bread and on the gas getting there.

I think we are going to get an upright freezer so I can start making more of my own stuff and freezing it. I do have a small chest freezer but I keep it almost completely filled all time with my deals and stock ups. It keeps me from buying things like milk and meat at full price. I think there are still more than 5 half gallons of milk in there that I got free. We don't use much milk just for cooking and my husband likes it on cereal. I like the smart balance milk because it stays good a lot longer than the regular stuff and I don't have to throw it all out like I used to. Now to start searching for a good deal on a freezer. I know it will pay for itself. :)

I had my deals all worked out for Walgreen's this morning and things did not go as planned. :( I was able to use a $1 off 2 Planters Almonds coupon to get two bags for $1.49 each which is great since regular price on these is around $4. I also used a $4/4 coupon on some chex mix and bugles to get them for 33 cents a bag. They had canned Salmon on sale with a coupon for just $1.49 a can and the cheapest I have seen recently was $1.99. Wish I had waited to buy it until this week but it was a good stock up price so I got some more. They had Plackers flossers for $2 with a $2 Register Reward. This one did work for me. I tried to get the one on some Always and did not get the reward and forgot about it until I got home so I need to take those back. I also was supposed to get one on some Razor refills and the machine didn't give me that one either. The lady gave me a form to mail. Not happy to have to use a stamp to get my money on those but it's a good price and my husband uses a lot of them. So I left about $5 less than what I should have which did not make me happy at all. We did find a Water Wow paint book on clearance for Scotty for just $1.59 and that was a great price.

Then onto Kroger where the deals were awesome but I realized that I had left some of my coupons at home so I could not finish my purchases. I also realized that I had not dropped off my husband's prescription so I guess after Scotty goes to bed I will run back to Walgreen's and Kroger and try to finish up. Thankfully it's only 3 miles so I am not wasting to much gas. :( So my deals at Kroger were 6 more boxes of free pasta. 4 bags of Whole Wheat Noodles for 49 cents a bag. Another container of Philly cooking creme for 49 cents. Two 6 packs of drinkable yogurt for 49 cents each. A jar of Classico pasta sauce for 99 cents. A bottle of A1 steak sauce for $1.49. Two boxes of Triscuits for 99 cents each. Two boxes of Wheat Thins sticks for 99 cents each. (My little guy loves crackers so these won't last long.) Also a bag of Bear Naked Chocolate cereal for $2.49. I used another free coupon for a 12 pack of coke. I also got 4 more bags of chex mix and bugels for free with 2 ecoupons and a regular $4/4 coupon that I had left. I also got a free cup of yogurt with a coupon. I saved 92 percent according to my receipt. I have more coupons I am going to use later. I found a new link for more free pasta coupons. I might end up donating some or sharing with friends because I am not sure there is room for more pasta in my house. LOL I also am going to get more cooking creme and a few other things when I go back.

I hope you all find some equally great deals! Happy Saving.

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