Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lots of freebies=very little out of pocket to start my week

I have not been doing very well holding onto coupons so I am trying to make sure I use them before I can misplace them or they expire on me. (This is how not to save money.) Saturday I ran some errands without my munchkin which was really nice since his latest is still throwing huge fits when we go shopping. Today he threw a fit just pulling into the Aldi parking lot. :( So I hit Target to pick up a copy of Bambi while my $10 off coupon was still good. Ended up paying $12.99 for a Bluray/DVD combo pack. I picked up some Children's Tylenol with a $1 off coupon making it just $1.84 for the bottle. I got 4 packs of floss for free with $1 off one coupons that actually gave me 3 cents overage per coupon. Then onto Meijer where I got 8 boxes of cereal for $1.25 a box. I have done better but my husband loves his cereal so it was a good deal for what it normally sells for. I picked up 4 huge bags of peppers both green and yellow for my sister for just under $2 because they were starting to get soft. She stir-fry's them anyway so it doesn't matter to here and with the price of peppers right now she was thrilled. :) I got 10 packs of koolaid free with 50 cent off 5 coupons that doubled I got from Facebook. I got 6 boxes of frozen Green Giant Veggies for $2 total. I also picked up 2 bags of pretzel sticks because my little guy likes them and they were almost 1/2 off. I also picked up some Yukon gold potatoes 3lbs for $1 which is a great price for them and they are my favorite. I also got frozen cans of OJ and Apple Raspberry juice for 75 cents a can. Also two Totinos pizzas for 65 cents each. I did have some major problems with my coupons that day. The cashier took them off and then when she finished the orders 1/2 of them disappeared so I had to take them back up to customer service to get my money. :(

I also hit a consignment sale on Saturday. Unfortunately most of the good stuff was gone already. I did however pick up two books for $1 and a set of play dough toys that I had been thinking of buying anyway for $4.50 about a 1/3 of the regular price on them. No clothes though. Boys clothes are so hard to come by. So glad I think ahead and work hard to get the stuff long before I need it. :) Makes it less stressful when I don't find anything like that.

On Sunday I ran into Walgreens for a few deals. I used the free coupon I got for coffee creamer with a BOGO free deal to get two for free. Can't beat doubling free! I also picked up three boxes of 3 packets of Cream of Wheat for free with some $1 off coupons I had. They did not say they had to be a certain size so I could use them on the smaller packs. They were about to expire and I couldn't find a good deal so that was a nice deal. I also used my BOGO free gum coupon with a sale to get two packs of gum. I spent 47 cents total on this shopping trip. :) On my way out I used one of my codes for Redbox and got a free movie.

I went to Aldi and bought almost solely fruit because they had amazing deals. $1.49 for a pineapple, $1.49 for a 5lb bag of navel oranges. $1.49 for a 5lb bag of apples. 39 cents a pound for bananas as always. I got a pint of blueberries for 2.09 (the same thing was $3.99 at Meijer on Saturday). A 2lb container of grapes for $2.29 which isn't great for the last couple of weeks prices but the best one I could find this week and my little guy loves his fruit. I got a can of cooking spray for 99 cents and a bag of tortilla chips also for 99 cents. I spent $14.75.

Then onto Kroger with lots of coupons for free items in hand. Some I got from facebook deals, some of them Kroger sent me in the mail on items I buy regularly there. I got a carton of egg beaters for free (this one came from Walmart's website). I got a container of Yoplait yogurt with a coupon they sent me for free. I got a free bag of Planter's nuts with a coupon from their FB page on Super bowl Sunday. I got a free box of Cheerios from a coupon I got in my Kroger mailer. I got a free bottle of Propel water with a coupon that printed out at the register. I also got a free box of granola bars from my Kroger mailer. (I still have one for free drinkable yogurt for Scotty but we did not need it this week so I waited it's good for another month.) I got a container of baby wipes for 83 cents. A container of cooking creme for $1. I was hoping my 75 cent ecoupon but it did not work. I need to check on that one. I got two boxes of pizza rolls for 40 cents each after coupons. Two bags of chex mix for 50 cents each with coupons. I also got another box of Granola bars for 79 cents after coupons. I saved 88 percent. I spent $4.34 and saved $30.29.

We also received our free boats from saving Pampers points. That got me an hour of a happy boy playing in the tub. They are great because no water gets inside to ruin them.

I also discovered that Amazon was offering a buy 3 get the 4th book free on some of their books. My little boy loves Wonder Pets and their books are hard to find. I have been using Opinion Outpost to earn Amazon Gift cards. Opinion Outpost and I also got a $10 Amazon card by writing 10 reviews for Viewpoints. They offer this deal every so often and totally worth the hour or so I use to write the reviews on stuff we use like baby gear and toys. So I got him 4 books for free. I am also going to order him a big toy that I wanted at Christmas time but didn't have the money for. Now I have gift cards to use. :) I also have a $10 off a baby item I got in Parents magazine to use toward it and it will extend my Amazon mom account. :) Can't beat that.

Happy Saving!

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