Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to save on personal care items

Let’s talk about how to save money on personal care products. I would say one of my biggest ways to save is to be willing to use a different brand. There seem to be a lot of great deals on new products coming out. So my husband and I used a variety of different razors because there is always that latest and greatest new one out there they want you to try.

I also am willing to try different kinds of deodorant and shampoo. Especially if they are free and a lot of times they are at drug stores when they first come out. If not I am OK with the Suave shampoo that is very reasonably priced and works great. I color my hair and watch for sales and coupons for my favorite on it. Doing it myself saves a lot and it’s really not hard once you get used to it. Especially if you put Vaseline on the skin around the hair so it doesn’t stain it.

I now use Suave Oatmeal lotion almost exclusively. It works great for me. I have tried the Aveeno and have not noticed a difference when using it compared to the Suave. I still use Aveeno on my son because he has such sensitive skin but I am going to try the Suave on him and just see what happens because Aveeno baby costs even more. I also use the Aveeno bath stuff for Scotty. I was really excited to find some marked down at Kroger so that is a great way to save to. Watch clearance and sales on the items you “must” have.

We also get a ton of free toothbrushes and toothpaste I am sort of picky about toothpaste but my husband is not so he uses whatever I don’t like. I also use just a tiny bit instead of filling the whole toothbrush it works just as well and half of it doesn’t end up in the sink to clean up later.

So the other way to save is watch how much you are using of an item. How little can you use and still get the same results. Try it some time it’s kind of fun to do and realize you are saving money.

I also try to get every last drop out of bottles and such. For things like shampoo and conditioner I add a little bit of water and use it that way. For things like lotion I cut open the bottles and put them in a Ziploc bag so they don’t dry out. You would be amazed how many more uses you can get out of them. Nothing to hard or time consuming.

I have also found that Sam’s Club and I imagine other clubs have great deals on Toiletries and I save a bunch on things like soap and vitamins. I bought a huge bottle of chewable vitamin C for a fraction of what I paid for some for Scott at Whole foods. I also got a huge bottle of Flintstones vitamins for him there. I take a few out at a time and break them up so I don’t open the bottle everyday helping to keep them fresh for longer.

I save money by not using things like shaving cream. I found out years ago that Dove soap works great and does not leave my legs feeling dry. I can use a bar of it for a month and at less than a dollar a bar it’s a real bargain. I also use a different razor on my underarms. For some reason using it there ruins a razor faster than anything. So I use the really cheap ones and just pitch them when they stop working well. The one for my legs lasts at least 6 months that way and the cheap ones don’t work as well on my legs. The better razors I have gotten either free or cheap when they first come out. This is harder to do for my husband who goes through blades like crazy. We found a knock of brand at Walgreen's but the razor itself broke about 7 blades in so that was a bummer. We had some other ones I got free so I we haven't tried another one yet. 

Be flexible and try new things. Find some blogs you like and watch the sales at Walgreen's, Rite Aid, or CVS and learn how to make the most of their free items. The blogs will teach you how to roll the coupons into the next weeks deals. I admit I have a hard time doing some of that with a toddler. Dragging him in and out of the stores is tough some days. Walgreen's Register Rewards are actually manufacturer coupons so you can use them at the grocery store too which is nice. Rite Aid's can only be used at Rite Aid and the same goes for CVS. At Rite Aid you can do several orders and immediately use your Up rewards toward another purchase while still in the store if you want. I don't usually shop at CVS but have been told you have to wait 24 hours to use theirs not sure about that though. 

Watching clearance racks can find you some good deals too. Such as recently I found that Kroger is discontinuing the allergy meds we use for my son. So I have bought enough to get us through part of the summer. I think they may mark the rest down more so I am holding out for that on the rest in hopes of getting an even better deal. I shop there often since it is just down the street so I watch for them to mark things down. I know where they keep the clearance and check it regularly. Some stores will even let you use coupons on Marked down items. My Kroger will let me do that. 

Happy Saving!

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