Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kroger (Awesome deals this week)

I have been to Kroger 3 times this week. Partly because I had to pick up Scott's prescription for his antibiotic and partly because the deals are so got is worth it and I live so close. :)

My first trip I saved 79% and spent less than $6. :) I got free Spaghettios and almost free hot dogs not sure they are all that healthy but free can go a long way and the canned stuff can help others too. I used Brad's new computer to print more coupons from facebook for pizza and Miracle whip. You can't beat 49 cent pizzas and 67 cent MW which I use in a lot of summer time foods. I get the reduced fat one. I found some straw cups for Scott that will clean pretty easy to use for milk and such without a mess that were 1/2 off at 50 cents each.

By the second trip I was ready to start getting some deals that would produce catalina's for future use. Only saved 74% LOL I got cream cheese that will end up being free with the coupon I got back. I got crayons and markers that were also free after the coupon I got for them. I also got a half gallon of milk for 19 cents. Can't beat that. I had an e-coupon and a paper coupon to make that one work. Got some free hand soap, some cheap coffee filters because we are getting low and they were part of the mega sale so helped round up my numbers and a box of granola bars because they are a great price even without a coupon and Brad likes them in his lunch. I spent less than $13 and got back $9 in coupons for my next trip.

I am not sure how much I saved on my 3rd trip because I can't find the receipt. Might not have picked it up but at least I got my coupons so I will live. I got 11 boxes of crayons to get another $4 coupon and I only spent $2.75 on them. I will either use these in the goody bags for Scott's birthday or donate them to some kids in need. (Need to ask mom if she has people asking for that stuff.) I made this trip to Kroger because I was meeting someone to sell something on Craigslist but they didn't bother to show up or return my texts. I also got 4 packages of Kraft shredded cheese and another container of cream cheese to get another $5 coupon. I was very happy to find that since I was there yesterday they had added a blinkie machine with $1/2 coupons making these 38 cents each after coupons and a catalina!! Awesome deal. I got 2 more cans of free Spaghettios and 2 boxes of Fruit Chillers that I have become addicted to. Popsicles made with real fruit and with Coupons they are only 99 cents. I also got one more box of granola bars. All said and done I used both my coupons from earlier today and spent less than $6 and left with another pair of coupons good for $9 off my next trip. I might go back for more if I can find enough fillers for the Mega sale. I still have a coupon for Spaghettios so I need 3 more items. Might see if Brad will let me use his email to get 2 more free hand soaps.

A good week for amazing deals now if the rest of life would work that well. LOL Oh well the ear infection is going away and Scott is feeling much better so hoping next week will work out.

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