Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meijer trip and Yard Sales

One of the best things about summer or any warm weather is all the yard sales. I love finding something super cheap and getting a real deal. It was raining last night so I was afraid the yard sales would be off but thankfully it cleared off just in time. My awesome cousin gave me a portable DVD player to use for Scott in the car since we are planning a trip to Chicago next month. I needed a case for it though and found a brand new one for $3 today. :) I also got some DVD's for Scotty and Sleeping Beauty on Blue Ray and DVD for only $5 probably watched once if at all. I also found a Tot Spot chair for him for 50 cents. I had been putting off buying one because I couldn't find a good one I liked the price on until today and he is finally big enough to use it. :)

I used to love Meijer out of all our local grocery stores but recently I don't find the sales to be as good and the way their coupon doubling works it makes me crazy some days. They double two like coupons but sometimes it takes the family of coupons and will only double two even though they are for different things. Then when you call their attention to it they look at the internet print coupons that say do not double (which by the way has nothing to do with the store doubling them per their policy) and won't give me the money. Anyway so I did well today but only used coupons that wouldn't double anyway so no issues. I was very excited to find the Boogy Wipes on Clearance. I had been looking for them since I saw a post about it on A full cup but couldn't even find that they sold them at my store. I looked in the baby section and all the clearance end caps in the Health and Beauty department. Well today I was looking for Allergy meds for Scott and just happened to notice them on the bottom shelf checked and they were $1.19 a package which orginally almost $4. I had been saving some $1 coupons just in case so I got 3 packages for 19 cents each. :) Printed a couple more coupons and if they have some left next week I will get a couple more. I got Chicken Breast for 1.69 a pound. I also picked up some Crayola Crayons for 25 cents a package. They are over $1 regular price and so I always stock up during back to School season. If your child uses crayons now is the time to get them and if they are in school pick up some extras for when the teacher sends a note saying they need new ones so you don't have to pay full price then. :) I also got some boxes of Frosted mini-wheats Chocolate minis for $1.49 a box. Don't ask me why but I love these things and they are healthier than eating chocolate candy. LOL Saved at least 1/2 off my purchases today at Meijer.

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