Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Kroger trip and the rest of my weekend errands

So I am one step away from being obsessed with the deals at Kroger. LOL I went in and picked up 11 more boxes of crayons for my mom to give away to needy families for school and made money off of it. :) I also got 4 more packages of cheese another container of cream cheese for my sister. 2 more bottles of free hand soap and 2 more cans of free spaghettios as well as a 6 pack of drinkable yogurt for my little man. I also caved and got a back of twizzlers that were on clearance and spent $3 and came out with the same $9 in coupons I went in with to use next week on whatever new deals or food we need. :)

This morning I headed out for the yard sales found one neighborhood sale and then hit some other random ones around town. I picked up a bag of books and cartridges for Leappad I have for when Scott gets bigger. It had 9 in it all for just $5 that is less than one new. I also got him four fun books at that sale for 25 cents each. I found a dump truck like the one Scott has for $5 at another sale for the family I have been babysitting for since the kids are outgrowing their current toys and are ready for new big kid ones. I'm sure their mom will be pleased. The find out the day was a train table with some track and trains for just $10. I have been collecting the wooden trains and tracks for a while and have a nice collection for Scott but didn't have a table. I appreciated that my neighbor was willing to run over with me and pick it up so we didn't have to take it apart to try and put it in my car.

Then I was off to Toys R Us because I got an email with a coupon for buy one get one free V-motion games. Last year I found an awesome deal on this game system that is similar to the Wi only for little kids on clearance for $40. It came with an extra controller that you usually have to pay extra for and it was to good of a deal to pass up. I have yet to start seeing these at yard sales even for more than I would be willing to pay. Anyway I went in because I knew they had a Thomas game and I was sure at least one other Scott would enjoy and I only had Wonder Pets and Little Einsteins so far. I was expecting them to be $19.99 full price so about $10 each so I was happy with that. They had been selling for about $25 last Christmas. I got there to find them only $14.99 so I got 4 more games for just over $30. I got Thomas, Cars, Toy Story 3, and Handy Manny.

I made a run into Meijer while I was over that way because I was still looking for the Linny wonder pets toy that I let slip away at TRU recently. Scott loves the other two and carries them everywhere so I really wanted to find the final one for him. I went to the other one last week but no luck they didn't have it. Today I was excited to find they did. More than the missed deal but better than I could get anywhere else since they are not as available as they used to be. I also found a clipos starter vehicle kit and since I got the table for him I thought he would enjoy that as well. I also picked up two more packages of Boogie Wipes for 19 cents a pack while they still had them.

All in all a good morning. Makes me wonder what I spent my money on before I had my sweet little boy. LOL

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