Thursday, August 5, 2010

Way Behind on posting my deals

The last two weeks have been a blur. Lots of fill in work for a nanny that quit and just not feeling like myself. Found a few deals last week but nothing amazing that I remember. Saturday I used a coupon from parents magazine along with an online coupon and a deal for subscribing on Amazon to get a box of 88 size 5 diapers for less than $16 shipped. Had to go back in and cancel the subscription but it took about 30 seconds and it was a great deal. Still not loving pampers but they work so if they are cheap I get them. I do remember now that I also got to small packs at Kroger for $5.99 each along with a big pack of Charmin for around $3 and a bottle of body wash for Brad for 49 cents. I used the last of my catalinas from the cheese deals and the crayon deals to get these for even less.

So far this week I have been to Aldi and bought a bunch more fresh fruit that is making Scott very happy. Loving summer for all the fruit prices. Love not feeding him fruit out of a can because it's so much cheaper in the winter to do that. I have been buying a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread, lots of fruit, and a couple other misc things for about $16 the last couple of weeks.

This morning I hit Kroger because they are having a half price 4 day sale here and was disappointed to find that most of the stuff I had worked hard to print coupons for was not included in the deal. I did however have a great trip and loved that they paid me to buy Brad some deodorant. :) I had a BOGO free coupon for Right guard and online I added a $2 off when you buy 2 coupon to my Kroger card. Kroger is currently giving you the full price even if it's on sale on a free product coupon so I got $3.99 off even though they were on sale for $2.49 each. So even with tax I still got over 70 cents toward my other groceries. I got 4 boxes of Chewy fiber one bars for 47 cents a box. That makes them less than 10 cents a bar. I also got some chex mix bars for 74 cents a box. All great for lunches. I got a bag of Nut Clusters for free. I haven't tried them yet but can't beat free. I also got 4 things of yogurt whips for a pie I want to try making. I had 2 55/2 coupons and they were on sale for 50 cents each. :) So all total I spent $5.61 and saved $33.39 or 86 percent. :)

I plan to go to Meijer and Target tomorrow for some deals I found there. Debating trying to make the Hanes deal work to get some more socks for Scott and maybe some for me. I did a deal for Fruit of the Loom last week but they don't make socks small enough for Scott or don't sell them at Meijer not sure which so I have the next size up ready to go and I'm sure it won't be long some underwear for potty training ready and some white t-shirts for the winter. I spent about $15 and got that stuff plus 3 boxes of cereal one that has a rebate and two boxes of poptarts so pretty good. :)

I also need to sell some more of Scotty's clothes so I think I am dropping them at the consignment store while I run the rest of my errands. I really need to find Scott some dress sandals or shoes since he is outgrowing the ones he has and none of the ones I got him actually fit him right. :( So I am hoping they have something that will work to trade for.

All this after I go to the chiropractor because my back is causing headaches again. :( To bad he's closed on Thursdays.

I hope you are all saving some good money too.

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