Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glad I got some deals...

since my little boy has been sick and we have had to spend a lot on prescriptions and doctor visits not to mention the spacer and mask that I had to pay for out of pocket and hope that the insurance at least adds it back toward my deductible.

So far I have been to Kroger twice this week yesterday we went to get Scott's prescription filled after visiting the doctor for the 3rd time in 4 days. I was very excited to find so many things on manager specials. I got 2 loaves of bread, a pack of whole wheat sandwich buns, 2 packages of hot dog buns, a box of donuts, 2 packs of Scotty's favorite yogurt that I refuse to pay full price for, & two 6 packs of applesauce cups as well as some cepacol sore throat fizzlers. I also got 4 packs of coke since they were on sale and with the lack of sleep caffeine is important this week. I didn't use any coupons because most of the stuff was store brand and I also forgot I had one I could have used. Love when they mark things half off. I think I spent about $22 on all that but finding my receipt would take to much time. :)

Today I went in because I saw some Claritin for Scotty on mark down and knew I had seen coupons online I could print for it. So I was able to print 2 coupons for $3 off and that brought my total to $1.79 a bottle and since I usually spend about $9 each for the same thing I was very happy. I was able to get two things of deodorant for Brad for free with coupons. I also got a box of Ronzoni pasta for 45 cents. After using my coupon from buying granola bars a couple of weeks ago I spent $1.22 out of pocket. I also went back to the pharmacy and asked about getting my store credit for a new prescription yesterday in all the confusion I forgot to ask. They were nice enough to add the $20 to my card so I will have that to use on future purchases. Yeah for nice workers that helped me out. :)

I also went to Aldi yesterday where I picked more fruit some Strawberries, grapes, and bananas. I also got 3 canisters of sugar free koolaid type stuff for Brad because it was a good price as well as 3 cartons of eggs because they were also cheap and 4 cans of baked beans for labor day weekend. Amazed that blueberries more than doubled in price from last week so Scotty is out of luck on that one. Back to buying frozen ones. Knowing the prices is what it is all about. :)

Happy saving money!

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