Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another good Kroger trip

I was happy when I called this morning to find that I will get my coupon that didn't print when I was shopping yesterday. It did take a little bit on the phone but was worth it. So hopefully next week I will have it to use. I have two more mystery shops next week so plenty of groceries. :)

I am not 100% sure how much I saved today because my receipt printed half way and stopped and nobody could ever get it to print right. I have some weird copy that the manager printed out but it doesn't really give me any details which is a bummer for sure. I know I saved more than 50% though and if you buy something marked down it never counts that because it takes it as regular price when really it is discounted by 1/2 in this case. I also got $6.50 in coupons for my next trip. I got cans of soup for 32 cents each after coupons, the sale, and a catalina. :) I also got 5 boxes of granola bars for 9 cents a box after the deals. That is just crazy even to me. I got more yogurt for Brad's lunches for 79 cents for 4 containers. So he will have granola bars and yogurts for many more lunches for very little money. LOVE THAT! I got some free Chocolate Pillsbury moments desserts and some free Gardettos snacks.

Then I had to find something to keep the sun out of Scott's eyes while we are driving this week. Thankfully my Amazon Prime membership still has a few days so I was able to order a shade with free shipping but I decided it was worth the extra $4 to get it tomorrow so we have it for Thursday morning. Sometimes I can't always save the most money. My other online purchase today was another example of that but since I save money as often as possible I sometimes will splurge. I got Scott some Wonder Pets underwear for potty training. I think they are going to be a huge hit and I was scared to wait for fear they would sell out. Wonder Pets stuff is getting harder and harder to find.

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