Friday, August 6, 2010

Meijer today overload

Well I went in with all these great deals and coupons and ended up spending more than I intended. That hasn't happened in a really long time. I knew the deals kept growing but didn't realize that it was so much. So next week I will make up for it by not spending as much and I am blessed not to live pay check to pay check so it doesn't matter and I should remember that. God blesses me very richly and allows me to be a SAHM with my sweet little boy. It helps that we bought a house we could afford on on salary and don't have any car payments or debt we have to pay off. I do still owe for Scott's surgery but the money is ready to pay it just haven't gotten the bill yet. Crazy people took a year to get it billed and through the insurance. I think I would be finding a new person to do my billing if they did that to me. Crazy!!

So back to my trip. I picked up 2 24 packs of Diet Mt Dew for Brad and for when my dad comes to visit they were on sale for $3.99 each which is an unheard of price and you got a free bag of doritos or tostitos too. :) They were having a buy $10 worth of Keebler Cookies or Crackers and get $10 off 3 packs of hanes this week. So even though I didn't really need the oreos I got them because I did need the socks and will need the underwear for Scott in the foreseeable future. Might as well get free stuff while I am at it. So 4 packs of Oreos and a pack of sock for Scott, a pack of socks for me, and a pack of underwear for Scott for about $16. Not bad at all. :)

I also found a deal on Juicy Juice where I got four bottles for a $1 after a Catalina it printed. I also got 2 Stouffer's Skillet meals for free after coupons. They look yummy but we will see. I am usually pretty happy with their stuff and it's great to have on hand for when I have a long day and don't feel like cooking. They had Cottonelle Bath Tissue on sale for 1/2 price so I picked up 2 packs of that because I don't really have any extra so I was happy with that. I got 2 containers of nesquick powder hoping that it might help me get Scott to drink milk since we don't currently have much luck with that. After coupons they were 49 cents each and regular price was $2.99. I also got for packages of break and bake cookies for $1 each. I can hardly buy all the ingredients for that price. Also got for packages of chocolate and other flavor chips for $1.17 each which beats and price I have seen recently. Nestle was good to me this week with coupons as was Meijer mealbox. To round it all out I was thrilled to get 4 boxes of Cinnabon cereal for 25 cents each and 6 packs of Keebler Peanut butter or cheese filled crackers for 75 cents a pack and for buying those 10 items I got a $10 catalina back so $5.50 out of pocket and got back $10. Can't beat that.

I spent just under $57 so I was about $20 over for the week but I got back $13 in catalinas so really only about $7. I have seen the ads for next week and there are a couple of things I want to stock up on but they won't cost a lot and I have Gymboree paid for this month so there is more money in the budget next week anyway.

Next week I want hair dye while it's on sale with my catalina's. Meijer is going to have free or cheap Smart Balance milk with coupons. :) And Kroger is having a Mega Sale with $1.19 cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls with 40 or 50 cent coupons off each already printed and ready to go. Maybe some cheap cereal to round it all out.

I hope everyone else is out there finding great deals. I did run into Target today and came out with some Bear Naked Granola with my BOGO free coupon but was mad at them because there was a sign that said it was $3.50 and it rang up $3.79 and Scott was being a bear so I didn't fight them. I also got him a Hot Wheels ramp thing for when he is bigger at 75% off.

I also had to get a wedding gift and while I try really hard to do this sort of stuff in advance I really just dropped the ball on this one and ended up buying a cute butterfly cake pan she had on her registry because I love butterflies and she knows it. So perfect gift from me. Next time I will work on saving money.

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