Monday, August 16, 2010

How to make the most of coupon savings

I know people swear by papers and even buying multiple papers but I feel a lot of times where I live the coupons are not always good enough to warrant me buying a paper let alone more than one. I think most things are moving to online coupons and in some cases ecoupons meaning that you add them to a loyalty card and don't have to take anything to the store with you. I shop at Kroger where you can load all sorts of coupons onto your card and currently I am still able to use those plus a paper coupon at my store so I am going to keep taking advantage of that while I can because it often will give me free stuff.

My favorite place to print coupons is through not only to I save money with the coupons but I earn points for using them which are good for getting gift cards to a lot of cool places. I have gotten them to Applebees, Panera Bread,, and and have points currently to get more if I want them. These are great for treating myself when money it tight or buying something you want or even using as gifts to help save money. If you would like to sign up send me a message with your email address and I will happily send you an invite to join. You also get points from them for shopping online and for just clicking on emails. It's so easy. :) The coupons on my points are the same as on so you will not be able to print them both places but since I get points for using my points I always try to print them there.

So if you don't join my points then the two places to get online coupons are and you can also get some from but theirs go quick so check often usually there are new ones at the first of each month but they are added in between sometimes too. If you see one you want I recommend printing it then because they often go fast. Especially if it's a diaper coupon or something like Goldfish crackers. Those never last very long and my son loves them.

If I have something I really want and don't have a coupon for I will just put what it is and coupon into google and see what pops up. Sometimes they are just old ones but sometimes the website of the product has coupons you can get.

A few other places I use to get extra coupons are

You have to register but the coupons are free. I use a different email address for all this kind of stuff so I don't get spam to my regular stuff since I never know which ones will send it and I love getting coupons and free samples.

I get daily emails from a couple of bloggers that have constant updates of all the best deals. and I get both on facebook as well as an email update once or twice a day. This way I know when there are freebies or new samples or coupons available and I can get them while they are still available.

I also enjoy reading the message boards for my stores on This is another one you have to join but it is well worth it. It does not cost anything and seems to have all the big stores on there. I shop at both Kroger and Meijer so I watch those and I watch the Target clearance one so I am updated on when things are being marked down and can get deals on toys and such for presents. I start buying for birthday's and christmas a year or sometimes more in advance depending on what it is. The toys if not used for the person I think make great cheap birthday presents where it looks like you spent a lot but really you got it for 75% off. :) Looking to start stocking up on toys for older kids for Scott to take to birthday parties as he gets bigger and starts to be invited to more of them.

One other thing about Target. They have coupons on their site and some of them are Target coupons. They allow you to use their coupon plus a manufacturer coupon per item. Meijer also has mealbox coupons where you can do the same thing. Hence the free milk last week. :)

Please ask any questions you might have. I would love to help people get better at using coupons.

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