Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yard Sale fun for the week

I love my yard sales. To bad the next couple of weeks are probably out for hitting any or at least next week for sure. Today I didn't find a lot but did find some stuff I had been looking for. To bad that man who told me he would hold the dresser for my neighbor flaked on me and sold it right as she got there. I guess he was afraid she wasn't coming. I would have paid him for it if I knew that was going to happen. :( I did buy some cars for Scotty from him though. I also found another bread maker. I have one but it makes the loaves straight up and down and this one will make loaves that look more normal. It was only $5 so I figured I would give it a try and if it doesn't work out I will resell it for at least what I paid for it. The lady from that sale also gave me a free outdoor umbrella that doesn't work 100% right but it will give my friend shade until she can get something different or maybe it can be fixed who knows.

Then I was off to a sale that benefited some fire fighters families and found some fun stuff there as well. Some more cars and trucks for Scott as well as a ball all his favorites right now. I also was very excited to find a great pair of flip flops for me. I have this bad habit of buying cheap ones and they either hurt my feet or fall apart quickly. These are Clarks so they are well made and seem to fit well and look nice. Hoping they will last a while. Can't beat that for $1. I also found a basket to hang on the wall to put all the hats and gloves in this winter. I really wanted something like that last year and never did get it so I'm happy to have that this year. I also found a clipboard palate that looks like it will be perfect for Scott to use when we are in the car for drawing or whatever. It will hold the paper so we will see. I figured for 25 cents I would try it. My total was $3.25 so I gave them $4 and told them to keep the change as a donation.

I did hit a neighborhood sale but it was pretty much a loss. I got two sets of scrapbook stickers and a pair of sandals for Scott which made the trip worth it since we needed another pair of dressy ones to get through until it's time to start wearing long pants to church again. Can't beat $2.

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