Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday full of errands

What a crazy day of errands. I decided to cram a bunch into one day yesterday but it did all seem to work out. Scott fell asleep on the way to Sam's club. Got to love a place that is far enough away to fall asleep on the way there. I wanted a Rotisserie chicken and Sam's has the most bang for my buck. They are $4.98 and huge. They are cheaper than buying a whole chicken and cooking it myself unless there is a really good sale which is rare. While I was there I picked up some yeast for baking bread. I had no idea that it was so cheap there until I read another blog about it. I can buy a 4 oz jar at the grocery store for about $3 which isn't bad but they sell 2 one pound bricks for just over $4. The shelf life is a couple of years unopened and the other blogger is saying that once opened you can freeze it without any issues. I will let you know what I discover but it sounds like a great deal to me. :) One of my favorite things to do in Sam's club is to check their discounted section for damaged goods that are marked down. I once got a box of diapers for $15 off just because someone damaged the box. Nothing was wrong with the diapers at all. They were all still sealed in plastic inside the box. They rearranged the store and last time I was there I couldn't find it. Yesterday I stumbled across it and was thrilled to find a crushed box of ziploc sandwich bags. I always buy ziploc bags at Sam's club because unless you find a great sale they are cheaper than even Aldi and we use them for Brad's lunches. So these were marked down over $3 because of the crushed box. So an awesome deal for something we use everyday. :) I love finding deals like that.

I also picked up a new DVD player. Now it was probably not the best deal in fact I know it wasn't but ours broke and I tried another one we had but it wasn't working any more either so I just wanted to get one picked up. When I went to Aldi for my next stop I saw and remembered that they had one there for about $8 less and I had thought about getting it the week before and forgot multiple times. I don't know what happened to my brain but it's GONE! Oh well we got a new DVD player so Scott and Brad can watch their DVD shows down stairs again. It was still less than $40.

Then as I said we were off to Aldi. I got my normal fruit and they had baby carrots on sale so I got some to make some carrot souffle for Scott. Now just need to get it done. It freezes well so I can just pull out a little bit for a meal when I want it for him. I also picked up some romaine lettuce which is my new thing instead of buying bagged salad. I still don't always get it used but at least it doesn't go bad in less than a week and costs less than one bag of salad and lasts a lot longer. I also broke down and bought Brad more packaged oatmeal. I really should just make some up for him and save money but I have trouble getting anything done right now. Maybe as Scott gets bigger I will have time. Ha Ha

Then I had a mystery shop scheduled in the afternoon and it almost wasn't worth it. I love that I get money toward groceries but this one was a drive and Scott really was not very good. On top of that the people who worked at this store were not very friendly. Then as I was leaving I discovered I did not get my catalina so today I need to call and see if I was supposed to have gotten one at this store. If not I need to return them to my regular store and get the catalina because if I get that I am out about 30 cents for my shopping trip and you can't beat that. Even for a mystery shop where I had to buy a deli item I saved 76 percent. I had $24.50 in coupons not to mention that there was $6.50 in doubled coupons. My total was $17.80 and I saved $58.70.

I was so excited to get a $3 off coupon for Huggies diapers. I emailed them to ask about how their overnight diapers were made because I wanted to know if Scott would have issues. They really could not tell me but they did send my the $3 coupon and a $1 coupon good on any Huggies product. So that made my diapers after the sale $5.49 for the pack. I also got a Target coupon for some more and I will combine that with one of my other coupons Internet Print coupons if I can make it in there this week for another cheap package. Love that Target lets me use two coupons for one item. One is theirs and they pay for it the other is the Manf who pays for it.

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