Friday, July 16, 2010

The Mall

Funny I am not a fan of the mall. I guess I never really have been. I feel like things are overpriced for the most part. I go once every couple of months usually because I have a coupon or need to return something. Yesterday I needed to return some flip flops that I ordered from Coldwater Creek online that didn't work out. I ordered them when their site was 1/2 off and I had a reward card from using my credit card. I know some people have issues with credit cards but I use it to get rewards and for the help they give me if something goes wrong with a purchase. I pay it off each month and only spend money we already have. So I returned them and did not find anything else they had on sale I couldn't live without. I got lucky and they gave me the money back on my card instead of the gift card so then I was able to use that money toward some clothes for Scott.

Since we are enrolled in Gymboree classes we get Gymbucks that we can use at the clothing store. I don't love that I have to spend $50 to get the $25 off deal but their clothes are good and hold up for a long time as well as have great resale value. I refuse to buy them at full price but they have great deals with their clearance stuff. So I took my Gymbucks and bought clearance stuff in bigger sizes for Scott. So I only spent about $10 more than the money I got back on my card from the shoes so I am happy. I got several hundred dollars worth of clothes for $30 and a good portion of that I will get back when I resell them at the consignment store because they are name brand. :)

On the way out of the mall I decided to run into Walden books to see if they still had some Wonder Pets books unfortunately they did not but while there I discovered they had their cool huge glitter bouncy balls on clearance for $2.99 from the regular $9.99. Scott loves them at Gymboree but I have refused to pay full price for one. He was very happy that mommy got him one. The only bad part was he threw it in the parking lot and we almost lost it. Crazy kid held it all the way through the mall and then threw it when we got outside. LOL

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