Friday, July 16, 2010

Second Kroger Trip and Goodwill

Well it all worked out that I went back a second time. I was able to find some more great coupons and get two sets of 10 items and came out of there saving 70% this time. :) Still forgot to get my free coke I won in the Spin and Win summer Savings game. The first round I won Kook-aid Fizzies and this time a 20oz Coke but I can't remember to pick it up even with it on my list.

I got two Tombstone Pizzas for 49 cents each with the $2 coupons I got from Facebook. I got two containers of Miracle Whip for 67 cents each with the $1 coupons I also got from FB. :) I had a free Suave Shampoo coupon I finally remembered to use and instead of just giving me the item free it gave me the full $3 so an extra $1.01. :) I also had a coupon for a free can of Libby's vegetables and a $1 off coupon for the Philly Cream cheese minis which made them free with a penny extra.

It was a good trip. Spend $14.52 and saved $34.53. I did remember just now that I was supposed have gotten a $1 Catalina from buying the Danamino yogurt that I did not get. Never fails I get so caught up in getting out of there that I forget stuff like that. :(

I also picked up a redbox movie for Brad and I that I hope I stay awake for. The free rental code for Kroger is still working and you can use it once per card DVDKROG

Then we headed to Goodwill. I was looking for some more work pants for Brad. Some of his has worn out and some of them are to dressy for his current job where most people dress down most of the time. Score I found two pairs that look like new for $3 a pair. I also got 3 new books for Scott. I know he doesn't need them but he loves book so much. He just sits in his play corner on his bean bag chair and "reads" book after book. At 50 cents each how can you pass them up. We got one about Grandma and me we had the Grandpa so it was a great addition. :) I had a friend's little girl ask if Scott got a new book every time he went out (she loves the bookstore) and I told her that I didn't buy new books for him because I thought they were to expensive but that I always got him books at Goodwill and yard sales for 50 cents or less each.

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