Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aldi, Meijer, and Target

Well it has been a busy week already and I am ready for it to be over. Not sure where that will get me since most of my days are pretty much the same. :)

Yesterday we headed to Aldi to pick up mostly fresh fruit. Their deals sometimes just can't be beat. I got 4lbs of grapes at 78 cents a pound. A pound of Strawberries for $1.59. Two bags of bananas that were 39 cents a pound. A Pineapple for $1.49 (If it tells you anything these were $3.49 at Meijer today) and I got two boxes of raisins. My total was $11.41. Love that place.

Today we went to Target to get the new Tinkerbell movie on Blu Ray and DVD. I had a $10 off manufacturer coupon making it only $12.49. Somewhere out there there were $5 off Target coupons I wish I could have found one of those. Such a bummer when you can't get what you want. I also picked up two packages of PF Chang's Sweet and Sour Chicken. They are on Markdown for $6.99 and I had manf coupons for $1.50 and Target coupons for $1.50 off making them $3.99 a bag. I love PF Chang's so hopefully the frozen meals will be as good.

Then we went to Meijer where I had so many deals to get. As a head's up for my total I had $12 in catalinas from last week to add to this week's order. My deals were 4 cans of shaving cream for my husband I had a $1 off when you spent $4 so this made it a good time to stock up. I looked at using the Edge shaving cream BOGO free coupons but the cans are only 7ozs vs Barbasol which are 11ozs so about the same price for an extra 16ozs and my husband does not care. I had two $2 coupons good one BioFit contact solution and they had the little bottles on sale for $1.99 so these were free. I also picked up a box of hair color to try. I love Nutriesse Garnier hair color and they have a new type out. Meijer had a $3 M-Perks coupon for it and I had a $3 printable coupon for it so I spent $1.39 to try it. Food wise Meijer had a deal if you bought two family size Stouffers Entrees you got free bread sticks, veggies, and cookies. The meals were on sale for $5.99. I had a $1 off coupon for both making them $4.99 each. So for less than $10 I got several meals for us. My husband loves his coffee so I watch for Meijer to mark it 1/2 off and if I am lucky like I was today I have a $1/2 coupon. So his coffee that normally costs $5 a can I got two for $4. That is an awesome deal. :) I got a bottle of Farmhouse Wishbone dressing on sale for $2.50 with a $2 off coupon for only 50 cents. I got two bottles of juice on sale for $1.67 a bottle with two 50 cent off one coupons that doubled making it only 67 cents a bottle. I also got 10 cans of Chunky sirlion burger soup which were on sale for 1.25 a can. I had two $2/4 coupons and two .50/1 coupons so my total was $6.50 for the 10 cans or 65 cents a can. :) I add noodles to these and it makes a yummy quick dinner for us.

I spent $18.29 total and saved $71.45. Even my cashier friend who does my coupons for me most weeks was impressed. Love when that happens.

I still have a small Kroger run and I need to try and get the diaper deal from Rite aid. I got in and I think things were not priced correctly and they didn't have the sizes I needed at the store I went to. Will check one more on my way to take Scotty to Gymboree and if not will do it at the end of the week when they restock. Should get money back on 3 packs of diapers when it's all said and done. I will update if it works.

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