Saturday, September 25, 2010

Consignment Sales

I was able to hit a consignment sale this week without taking Scotty thanks to my friend Britney. Taking a toddler shopping in a busy place where they don't like you to use strollers is not my idea of fun. I have learned which of the sales around town are the ones I like to hit and watch for them to come around once or twice a year. A lot of them have a spring and a fall sale. All I really needed for Scott was some pajamas and he can use some more shirts but I didn't find any I liked at prices I liked. I was able to get him 5 pairs of pajamas and a sweater. I also picked up a magnet toy that will be great for church or on a trip. A Thomas the train DVD with the new animation instead of the older stuff. Two books one was a Thomas with all the fun noises and one was a vehicle book that makes fun noises as well. (Brad wants to know why all the toys have to make noise now.) I also found a pair of Thomas the train boots. They are going to be big this winter but should fit next winter perfectly and since boots are not worn much around here it's better to get them big. I spent a grand total of $33.50. Normally I would wait and go on Saturday when some stuff is 1/2 off but I had to many errands for Saturday and I wanted to make sure and find the pajamas I was looking for.

If you are looking for deals on clothes for kids consignment sales and stores are great places to look. Sometimes the stuff is brand new and sometimes it's not but at least you know how it will wash and wear. Happy hunting.

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