Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a crazy money week...

It's like it just slipped through my fingers. Sunday night my Tivo died that was a sad moment for me. I have become addicted to that thing. So after some research into a DVR from the cable company and checking what I could get from Tivo to replace it I ended up getting a new Tivo that will give me the channels in HD and we could get a card from the cable company so we could get our extended channels on it. Which means Wonder Pets for Scotty and Versus for my Indy car racing. To bad it's the end of the season. LOL It pays for itself in about 3 years if the cable company did not change it's rates in that time and I am happy again.

Our other big expense for the beginning of the week was I found out the guy who sold me Scotty's Power Wheels had lied to me about the battery being new. We could not get it to run at all. :( So off to Walmart we went to get a new battery for it. I did my research online first and knew that it was only a couple of dollars more in the store than it was to get it online and wait for them to ship it out. I confronted the guy but he just played dumb. Live and learn I guess. It was still a great deal I just hate when people lie to me and won't own up to it.

Grocery shopping felt really crazy to me this week because there were some great deals and trying to get all that together along with two mystery shops was kind of crazy. I must be getting old I seem to be having trouble keeping up with a busy toddler and everything else I need to get done. We hit Aldi on Monday and only picked up a few things. Mostly fresh fruit. I always get my bananas there because they are 10 less a pound than anywhere else. Strawberries were still 99 cents a pound so we got more of those. Got Brad a couple more cans of refried beans to make burritos. It's rare to get them cheaper than they sell for at Aldi.

Meijer had some great deals. I got 6 boxes of Green Giant Veggies and made 6 cents off the deal. I got two bags of Stouffer's Express for $3 which means a meal for $1.50 and they are pretty good. I thought I got a deal on ziploc bags but the coupon didn't work right and I forgot to print another one before they were taken off so I missed out on that. It was still a good deal just not as good as it would have been. I need to watch closer but it's hard some times to tell if those Meijer coupons come off. I also got 10 things of cheese for next to nothing. We won't be buying cheese for a long time.

Kroger I got more almonds and this time I found the plain ones at a different store. $3 a pound is a great deal! I found granola bars on markdown for 99 cents a box and got three. I found the black trash bags on markdown as well for $3.79 for half off. Pretty sure it was a good deal but will have to double check later. I got 6 boxes of tampons for $1.49 after coupons and a Catalina. :) That was one great deal. I know I got more but I can't even remember.

I did hit a few yard sales on Saturday. Next weekend is the big neighborhood sale and I am very excited. This week I found a few books for Scotty and some Saw horses for $2 each. One is a little broken but still works. We needed some of these a while back and didn't have them and they are always great for making a table with. The find of the day was a fishy mask for a nebulizer. I think they quit making these and they are great for little ones. Only 25 cents. :)

The week rounded out by finding out our doctor visit that I thought was going to cost me $10 is not covered because the doctor was out of network. Now you would have thought someone would have let me know that at least as a head's up but I guess not. So I owe another $126. As my dad says "It's only money" but ouch that hurts. On the bright side it was cheaper than the ER would be but we probably could have gone somewhere else for less had I known. I am going to talk to our regular doctor and see what he recommends for next time. This Dr is in his office but I guess doesn't do insurance or at least BCBS. :(

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