Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saving this week...

I keep thinking my week should be over but it's only Thursday morning and I am ready for bedtime. Not a lot of shopping this week but some good deals and savings.

I hit Aldi up on Monday and got flour tortillas because we were out, lettuce so I convince myself I don't need to buy bagged salad because it goes bad to fast and I end up throwing half of it out, our usual 3 packs of bananas for 39 cents a pound, a loaf of whole wheat bread because I haven't been a Kroger when they have marked it down the last two weeks and I used the last loaf out of the freezer. I also got more re-fried beans and a bag of chips for when my dad visits. They have great prices on snack foods even though I don't buy a lot of those. The bag of chips that are like lays ripple chips were only $1.29. :)

Kroger did not have a lot of deals this week but I had 50 cent off a starkist tuna product so I got 4 free pouches of tuna since they were on sale for $1 each. Someone left behind a coupon for the yogurt smoothies a couple of weeks ago so I used to to get Scott another 6 pack for 88 cents. He loves that stuff.

I had two mystery shops this week so that helped my budget. I picked up a pumpkin for us to carve for Halloween and another pack of water. I haven't bought bottled water all summer. Love to have it to take when we go out. At home we drink from the tap. It's just not cost effective to buy it when we go places when it's so hot. Who wants to pay $1 or more a bottle when whole pack is less than $4 for 24 bottles. I even freeze some so we have cold water all day long. I also now have lunch meat for the next week. I even got beans for Scotty to play with. (He loved digging in them and playing at art class so I figured why not bring the idea home.)

I probably will not hit Meijer this week they really didn't have any great deals.

I did find some amazing deals online which I was very excited about. Lands End had a great clearance on shoes. I got two pairs of sandals for Scott for next summer for $7.99 each. (I can't even but shoes at Target or Walmart for that price.) I also got some shoes for me for next summer for $5.99 and a pair I hope will work for now in place of the tennis shoes I have yet to buy for $11.99. I got free shipping so after added tax I spent a grand total of $36 on four pairs of shoes. LOVE IT!

I have been doing my best to start buying Scott's birthday items for his party. Since we are going with a Wonder Pets theme I cannot always get the cheapest things out there but using ebay and coupon codes and buying when I can I will save as much as possible. I also went ahead and booked Scott's party at Gymboree. As members we got $25 off and I was able to use gymbucks so I saved another $25 off. So that is all paid for and I am sure it will be great. Now I just have to figure out how to get the W symbol onto iron transfers for the capes.

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