Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kroger, JoAnn's, Meijer (second trip), and Yard Sales

My Saturday has been filled with lots of errands and lots of yard sales. I didn't make it home until after noon and I left before 8. I love to get out early for the yard sales especially neighborhood sales. I was excited that the big neighborhood across the street was having theirs today. I apparently have either bought everything for Scotty already or I am getting pickier because I didn't buy all that much this morning. My big purchase of the day was a Twin Size bed for when Scotty is ready for it. Scotty's furniture is all painted white some came that way and some of it I sanded and painted before I even got pregnant with him since I knew the crib I had was white. (So glad I did that since he was born 6 weeks early and there was no time to work on the nursery before he arrived.) Anyway this one is already white and it was hand made. The rails just slide on and off no tools needed. When I first stopped the guy was asking $60 which wasn't a bad price just more than I really wanted to pay. So I told him I would think about it and come back if I wanted it. I decided it was worth doing since I would not have to paint it. I went back and offered him $40. He said I will give it to you for $35 just since you came back. :) So I got it for almost 1/2 what he originally wanted. I was able to get it in the car and get it home with only minimal issues. When he's ready we will just have to find a sale on mattresses for it. I found more Pajamas so I now have enough to last the week between laundry at least for the start of winter. They were only $1 each. :) Got a few little toys and other misc stuff for Scotty and a couple of books. I found a container of tinker toys to start a good collection of those for when he is bigger for only $3. They are one of those things that I think are outrageously priced brand new and even at yard sales are usually overpriced. I came home and unloaded the bed and headed across town. I tried to get a refrigerator for my neighbor but the lady didn't like my price. I gave her my card and we will see if she managed to sell if for what she wanted. I found an xylophone for Scotty. I have been finding all these little kid ones that won't last any time and he will be bored. This one is a really nice one that he can actually learn to play songs on should he choose to. It was only $2 and I know he's going to love it.

I realized I forgot to buy Apple Cider when I was at Meijer and it was on sale for $2 a gallon so I wanted to get back over there. I also got some great coupons for Crystal light making a pack that makes 8 quarts only 95 cents and some Maxwell House coupons that made the sale on Brad's coffee even sweeter. I got two more cans for only $1.49 each after the sale and coupons. It's is $5 a can regular price.

I also only had a couple of things to get at Kroger so I had been procrastinating on getting there this week but the free veggies made me need to get there before the sale ended. I love the GG veggies and paying 30 cents out of pocket and getting back a $2 coupon for sure was my kind of deal. I had used 3 computers to print 6 50 cent off one GG veggie coupons making them only 25 cents each after the coupons. Then I had several 60 cent off 3 e-coupons to combine with it making it 30 cents out of pocket and when you buy 6 you get $2 back. So I used my $2 coupon and the $5 coupon to buy 3 12 packs of Dr. Pepper for Brad. Out of pocket after the sale 3/$9 and a 50 cent e-coupon was $2.04. Got to love that and worth the trip. While I was there I saw the weinermobile was parked outside so I called Brad and had him bring Scotty down to see it. Free entertainment to boot. :) LOVE IT!

My other stop of the morning was to JoAnn's Craft store for fabric to make capes for Scotty's birthday party. I have decided to make them instead of buying stuff for goody bags. A friend of my mom's is going to do it for me so that part won't cost much and I was able to use coupons to get one piece of fabric half off and one piece for 40% off so a good time to go and get it. Now I just have to pick up some iron on paper so I can print out the symbol to put on them. I already bought the cups to use at the party they are straw cups and I got them for 25 cents each. My way of saving money on a party is to start early and get the deals. Now if I could just get the party supplies for a deal I would be happy. So far no luck with ebay and no great sales online that I have seen. I am going to book Gymboree next week when my Gymbucks are good for $25 off. We already get a discount for being members. I get someone to entertain and clean up. :) Worth the money.

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