Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Build A Bear and my new camera

I almost completely forgot how much I am loving our deal at Build A Bear on Saturday. I got a card in the mail offering me a free animal good for 3 days up to $12. So I figured why not. We found a bear with candy corn on him and he is so cute it was marked down to $12 from $16 They said if you spent $15 you got a free cloth trick or treat bag and Scotty loved the little pumpkin ones for the bears so we picked it up for $3 got the free bag and left with a bear, a treat bag for the bear and one for Scott for $3.18. You can't beat that. :)

I also decided to go ahead with my expensive camera purchase. I asked my friend for her help since her dad owns a business that sells cameras. They recommended a basic Canon DSLR but couldn't get a better deal than everyone online was offering. So I started my search. I ordered through Amazon and got a package deal with the card and an extra battery for the same price as just the camera other places. Can't wait to get it and start taking pictures. :)Part of it is a gift from my parents and Brad and Scott and the rest I paid for with my babysitting money. :)

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