Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great deals at Meijer, some DVD's at Family Christian and trying to get a new camera

Yesterday I remembered that I still had not received a new flyer from Family Christian store and I love the sales they have on kids DVDs. I checked the website and found that there was a new sale starting yesterday. So I have a few extra minutes before the restaurant opened for lunch so we ran in. I got a new Veggie Tales and an Auto B Good car video to try for Scott. They were both only $5 each regular price $15. Scott loved the car one so we will be keeping our eyes open to pick up more of those in future sales.

Today I finally made it to Meijer with all my coupons ready to go. I got four bottles of olive oil free! Now who can beat that. I used a store coupon and a manf one for each bottle and they were 1/2 off on sale. :) I also got four jars of Classico Pasta sauce for 68 cents each and two free boxes of Ronzoni pasta. I picked up a little over a pound of ground chuck at $1.69 a pound. I also picked up some canned fruit not the best price going but cheap enough at 90 cents per can. Need to find a better deal on canned pears. Aldi does not carry any in light syrup or fruit juice so I can't get them there and Walmart did not have the big cans either. :( We live on that and peaches and fruit cocktail all winter. Wish fresh fruit were cheaper though. I also buy frozen fruit for smoothies though. Back to deals today. I also picked up two boxes of kleenex at half off but found that since I bought them last they are down 20 kleenex. This is plain getting crazy. How are we supposed to survive on less and less all the time. No raises and everything getting more and more expensive.

So I spent $15.25 and saved over $40. So a good day.

I am looking into buying my first really nice camera. Probably will go ahead and do it because Scott will only be little once and I don't want to let this time pass me by. I have done my research though and am able to get a package deal for just a little bit more than just getting the camera so I plan to do that. Comes with a card and an extra battery among other things.

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  1. I went to Family Christian yesterday too! HA! K got her first Veggie Tales DVD.