Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some great online deals and my regular deals. :)

I have started off the week with a bang and lots of great deals. I finally took the time to go into the Bread outlet store near me. I was pleased to find that they did have some of the wide pan whole wheat bread that we eat around here for about 30 cents less a loaf than Aldi. Not always worth an extra stop maybe because I didn't see anything else I couldn't live without. When Kroger marks theirs down it is still 20-40 cheaper a loaf but not as available. We also hit Goodwill and did find a pair of work pants for Brad not as nice as I would have liked but if I learn to hem pants I could have gotten some better ones. Maybe one day.

This morning I finally used my coupon I got for Nutty guys from Eversave for $1. I got 2lbs of dried fruit and spent just under $6 more for the overage and shipping cost. Awesome for $7. That stuff is expensive. I still have a Groupon one that I am going to use to get my sister some nuts.

I also bought an Eversave coupon and used the last of my credit $28 for a purse with a custom picture. The shipping will be $10 more and it has been suggested that I get the double sided picture for an extra $15 for an $80 start price I am pretty happy. I am out $8 for the $80 credit and whatever else I spend is up to me. A friend is a wholesaler for the company and says they are amazing. I would hope so at the price but then even Vera Bradley is pricey and not nearly as fun as having my baby on my purse. :)

While I was out yesterday I also did my Aldi run. I didn't need a lot so I grabbed a couple items to stock up while I had the money. So I got lettuce, bananas, a pack of tomatoes, 2 large cans of peaches, and a jar of salsa for under $11.

I also got lucky on my mystery shop yesterday and found some more great deals so I spent a little more than I made but got more of the AA and AAA batteries for the great price of $4 for packs of 20. Can't beat that anywhere. I also found two 1/2 gallons of milk for 75 cents each after markdown and coupons. Aldi has been selling milk for $1.49 a gallon but they go bad to fast so we waste half of it this way I can freeze the carton until we are ready to use it. That is why I print coupons when I can find them and having them with me for those great deals that pop up. I also got some whole wheat hot dog buns on clearance for 89 cents. Not the best price but a good one anyway. I have two more shops before the weekend is over so maybe I will find some more great deals. I also still need to run by Meijer this week.

This afternoon I am off to return the DVD I already had, The shoes that didn't work out and a pair of jeans that are about 5 inches to long. We will see how that goes. Would love to get more jeans but we will see what happens since I got them 1/2 off I might not be able to just exchange them in the store. Might end up returning them. The other two are just returns.

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