Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Errands from far and near starting with a trip to Trader Joes. :)

While we were in Cincinnati we headed up the road a little bit to hit Trader Joes. So wish we had one closer. They have some pretty good prices. I picked up two more boxes of multigrain pancake mix and a container of my favorite chocolate covered almonds. Brad had to get his favorite Trader Joes trips which was most of the reason for the trip up there. They are reasonably priced compared to regular chips and he loves them so if it makes him happy it works for me.

On Monday we did our usual Aldi trip. Not loving the fall produce prices as much as the spring and summer ones but still got a decent deal on grapes and our usual bananas. Picked up another can of Salmon to replace the one we used and two cans of refried beans as well as two cans of fruit cocktail for Scotty. Spent less than $13.

Went to Payless because Scott needed some new shoes. I had a gift card they sent me after the mistake with my order some months ago. I had thought about using it toward some shoes for me but no such luck I get to keep waiting. Scott got some Car shoes that light up. He is one happy little boy. I would have got the plain ones for less but he loves cars so much we just had to get them. So I spent $15 out of pocket which is good for new shoes I guess.

Today I had a mystery shop to do and spent about $15 more than they paid me so not a bad deal and part of that was because I splurged on my Deli purchase and got some yummy prepared food for Scott and I to eat for lunch. I figured I would have spent about $5 normally for that part of the purchase so I spent an extra $5 which would have been lunch at a fast food place for us so I figured it was win win. :) I found some great mark down breads while I was there. Weight Watchers stuff for 75% off and whole wheat buns for 1/2 off. I also got 4 cans of tuna for 50 cents each. I got a pack of diapers for $4 after an e-coupon and a regular coupon and a sale. I think the time for using both is coming to an end soon. They are now saying they can't be used together even though they still work for now.

Then this afternoon I hit Rite aid armed with my rain check for diapers along with all my coupons and the gift card they sent me for buying diapers a few weeks ago. So I spent $2.28 out of pocket for 3 packages of diapers there!! Got to love that one.

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