Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rounding out the week

My Christmas cards have already arrived and they look awesome. Found out this week I was picked to host a Shutterfly House party which is very exciting. Everyone gets a free shutterfly book and other stuff from Shutterfly. Now if anyone can make it that would be even better. So far it's a no go. Didn't realize there was a home football game that day. Seems there is always one lately not sure why there are so many all clumped together this year. Few breaks in between. On to the rest of the saving.

I never made it to Rite aid which I am bummed about but such is my life. I still have the rain check so I will try and use it in the next few days for more diapers if anyone has them in stock after being on sale last week. Having the truck come on Friday doesn't work well for restocking during the week.

I finally made it to Meijer on Saturday this was a very busy week for us so there was not a lot of time during the week to run those errands. I stocked up on canned vegetables because they were on sale 4/$1 which is about as good as you can get. Even at Aldi they are over 50 cents a can. I also stocked up on apples at 59 cents a pound and got some strawberries, raspberries, and grapes at good prices since I knew that Aldi didn't have any deals on fruit in their add for the week. I hate that summer is wrapping up because I love all the great prices on fresh fruit. Back to less fresh fruit and more canned and frozen I guess. :( I also got a couple boxes of shells and cheese. I proved that you can save over 1/2 just by shopping sales and not using coupons. Everything was store brand pretty much so no coupons to use but still saved almost $30 and only spend $22.

I also went to a few yard sales but only did well at two. I got a couple of shirts for Scott, some books, some blocks, two pair of shoes, and some trucks for his friend Parker for $10.75. At another sale I finally found a little chair for Scotty. It is a great one that is well made and rocks. To bad it is red with purple polka dots. It was only $5 so I am going to try and get some fabric to at least cover it somewhat. Not sure if I am going to attempt a complete recover though. They sell some for around $45 at Toys R us and I am pretty sure they are not as well made as this one. I am very happy. Now to find some cheap fabric to use. Off to JoAnn's later to see what I can find with my 50% off coupon.

I also went to Once Upon a Child on Saturday because they were having a 25% off the entire store sale. I wanted to go ahead and get Scott some more size 3T winter PJ's since I know he will be out of the 2T's before winter is over. He also needs more shirts for winter. I got 4 pairs of PJ's, 2 shirts and a hoodie with Mater on it for less than $19. I pass up a lot of cute stuff because I think paying more for a name brand is just plain crazy. I stuck with the ones marked $2.50 each and skipped the ones that go for $7.50 or more just for the name.

Getting ready to order the grandparents personalized picture gifts for Christmas. Lots of deals to be had out there. seems to have some really good ones if you have not signed up with them yet it might be worth checking out. Lots of free stuff even though shipping is a little high I think it all rounds out since you are not paying for the gifts. Most of the reviews seem to be good. I will get back to you when my prints and such arrived that I have ordered.

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