Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kroger, Meijer, Aldi, Whole foods, and Sam's Club

I have been to Kroger already twice but one was to get Scott's prescription and it was that trip that I realized my deal on AA batteries from Sam's was not a good deal right now at all. They are on sale for $6 for a 20 pack and have a $2 off coupon on them making them just $4 for 20 batteries. I saw this deal a while back and it is not consistent between different Kroger stores. I have been going to a lot of them lately and they do tend to not only sell different things but their prices can vary greatly. First trip I got some marked down bread and cinnamon rolls. I also got Scott two of the cutest little pumpkins for 50 cents each. I used my BOGO egg coupon to get 2 dozen for 98 cents and since they are 99 cents a dozen at Aldi I was happy.

Meijer did not have a lot of things I needed. I got a couple of packages of goldfish for $1 each since we seem to go through a lot of those lately. Mr. "fish" boy. So stinkin cute I can't resist giving them to him. I also picked up two 32oz containers of coffee creamer for free after the $1.50 off each and the $2 off coupon I got from Meijer if I spent $5. I also picked up a red pepper and a yellow pepper for $1 each which is a good price.

Sam's club I swear I always spend way to much money but I guess it is just because I have buy so much at one time because the prices are actually very good on the stuff I buy. I got a Rotisserie chicken to use for dinner and I am sure a several more meals to come. $5 for a huge chicken. I got the AA batteries that I will be returning. I also picked up 5lbs of turkey and I think it was $2.19 a pound which is good for ground turkey and most of the time cheaper and healthier than ground beef at least the good stuff. I use it to make meatloaf. I make it all up at once and bake it in muffin tins so it cooks faster and saves electricity. Then I just freeze and thaw when ready to eat. Quick easy dinners. :) I also got a huge bottle of chewable Vitamin C for around $10. I was happy to see that the PB went down a $1 but we didn't need any. I also got an 8 pack of mandarin oranges. Love them on salads and Scotty just likes to eat them.

Scott has been sick so I ran to Whole foods yesterday and picked up some really expensive vitamin C for him which is why I got the big bottle from Sam's today. I then found out it has mangoes in it so he might not be taking it for long and switching to the other ones. We also found a cool toothbrush that Scott loves and at least it was on sale.

Then we ran to Aldi to get our usual bananas, some chips for Brad, Bread, some saltine crackers for 79 cents which was a great price, I also got a bag of onions for 89 cents and a box of popcorn shrimp. I spent about $11.

I also used my birthday coupon from Coldwater Creek and my $20 coupon for using their credit card combined with a 50% off sale to get a pair of jeans for just over $7 shipped. :) I sure hope they fit.

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